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Creative Copywriting & Station Imaging


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Virgin Radio [Absolute Radio] Planet Rock, Classic FM and talkSPORT - leaders in their field, each one offers their radio audience something different - not uniquely different, in fact other stations provide exactly the same in their respective genres. Not one of these stations are completely competition free, what I mean by competition free is that there are other stations providing exactly the same service on exactly the same platform, whether it’s Top 40, Rock, Classical or Talk.


Why are those stations a cut above the rest and why are these stations mentioned above top in their field in terms of audience and market share, in the United Kingdom? The answer is easy, very easy - Creative Copywriting.


Each station, Planet Rock for example have become synonymous for their high standards in imaging and each have won countless Sony Radio Awards to prove it. They have all made a huge impact on their audiences and advertisers because of the continued creativity in producing some of the best station branding in the United Kingdom.


It’s important that you remember as station managers, directors or share holders that providing original branding can increase listening figures and greatly improve advertising revenue.


If your copy reads something like this - “This is Station name on station platform. Playing the best rock tunes around” Where is the creativity in that, it’s just lazy to think that that will give your station a good image.


It should be more along the lines of this “Station name on station platform. We believe rock is the single most inventive form of music known to man, that’s why we dedicated our entire station to it. Station name

Hire a voiceover professional with a deep voice and get him to read it with attitude. What kind of effect will that have on first time listeners compared to the not so creative one above?


The importance of this is to remind you that station imaging is as important as the music you play. Spend more time on creating creative scripts that will highlight what your stations are all about. Then look forward to an increase in listenership as well as more advertising revenue.


Many of the Broadcasting World members work in radio, community radio, small market fm and online radio. Why shouldn’t you guys achieve the same success as the ones mentioned above?

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