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Looking for a jock shift

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Hey guys,

As some of you guys know, I host a talk show every Tuesday.


I'm looking to get my hands into something a little different. I want to my hand at a normal jock shift. A couple of hour every day, maybe every other day, nothing crazy.. but those are details to be worked out.


My goal is really to prepare myself for air on a terrestrial station. Right now, I have no experience with a regular jock shift. So, to get involved in something like this will help me get used to how things run, and prepare me for something. At the very least I could have fun, put a tape together, and be confident in my personality as a jock.


As far as genres, I'd like to go with something rock based. Whether it's active rock, or classic rock, metal, hardcore. Those are the genres of music I listen to, and while I don't have a "vast" knowledge of any of those, I do know some things :biggrinthumb:



Anyone who might have this sort of opening, or is interested in giving a n00b a try please PM me, or email me: meltdown0071@gmail.com



Thanks so much!



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