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Some dry lines? Yes, please.


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Greetings guys. (:



I think your website is GRE-AT!

I need some dry lines for my personal radio station. Pretty please? (:


Something like ...


"DJ Panda." - simple, huh? (:


"Let us feed you with some music - Radio Extra ... don't burp, please."


"Yo momma is so fat when she runs, she makes our radio skip music - Radio Extra".


I will give you rep and a thank you letter. (:

I'll also make a donation (:


Thanks again. You're REALLY the best. (;

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I need a new gearbox for my wifes car. I need an operation on my ear. I also could do with someone cutting the grass at the back.


Oh, and I need some more money in the bank and a nice new cooker would be cool too.


OK. Here is the story. This may be a young generation thing, but when I grew up I was told to give before you take. So, all that is needed is for you to give something to the forum in the way of some info about who you are or what your ambitions are. Maybe you can offer us a tip about something?

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Greetings again.


Once again - JBVoice thank you for the work done. The lines are GREAT!

You have the unique professional voice - thanks again. :)


@Jinglemaster - I didn't really catch up with the thing. ;) You're requesting for me to give some info about me and what my ambitions are - a little tribute to the forum kind of? :)


Thanks again guys. ;)

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No, you don't get it mate. Imagine you have just joined a new club. Would you start by....


Hello this is a great club. I need......?


Recently there has been a large number of people who seem to join the forum and immediately put their hand out for whatever they can get. I may be wrong and I hope I am , but how about giving before you take? It just doesn't seem right to pop in and ask for something when you are new.


I have been here for 3 months, have posted over 200 times and haven't asked anyone for anything yet.

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