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Flash player memory leaks - best practice?

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If you use a flash player (shoutcast) for a long length of time I noticed that the browser will crash,


I have now set for a page refresh of say every 2 hours on my flash player, will this solve the trick of memory leak crashing the browser?

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1)Type about:config into the location bar and press enter

2)Right click any line to bring up a sub-menu

3)Choose “new”>”integer”

4)paste this into the dialogue that appears: browser.cache.memory.capacity

5)Next click Okay

6)Specify the amount in kb (about 60000 should do) in the next dialogue that appears

7)Restart Firefox and happy surfing.



I've done this as my station uses a flash player. It's not really firefox that has the memory leak, but its ability to flush memory intensive apps like the Flash Plugin.



This is taken from http://edge.i-hacked.com/fix-the-firefox-memory-leak

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