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Thanks thirteen, I did'nt realise it worked that way, and assumed the stations and to be assessed and conform to your description of them. Still it's a big step for me and it's good to know people no longer have to find the website and click on the player. Just waiting for Microsoft to add me to thier windows media player playlist, should happen in the next 7 days.

All the best mate, Harry.

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Hi Harry,

Congrats and welcome to the club

Reciva makes a daily automated connection to your stream with an IP who appears on your stats as following castle.reciva.com .. In general they connect to your stream between 05am and 06am (CET = GMT+1)

Check also Roku, vTuner and similar providers (make a google search) .. You can submit aka suggest your station at their website

Services such as Roku are providing streams to Wi-fi 3G users

Important is once you are submitted to vTuner others gonna send you invites ... Several Wi-fi 3G networks are using vTuner as source for their stream directories

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Hi Harry,


Just visited your website and thanks for the Dutch welcome

I'm gonna give you the right lines .. who can be added to your website

quote website Dutch :

Welkom op de website van Radio Norwood

or you can write :

Welkom bij Radio Norwood

what means = Welcome to Radio Norwood

Onthaal aan de Radiowebsite Norwood.

I think you made the translation by using an online service .. because "Onthaal" isn't the same as "Welkom"

Welkom = Welcome

Onthaal = is used at Front Office services (hotel, events etc) and is a service, it is not an expression to welcome somebody

aan = to as in "Welcome to Our club"

de = the


For Spanish check the profile of XtraMusica, Gunnar is also from Belgium but is living at a sunny island into the South of Europe .. He knows also several other languages who can be usefull to your services.


Hope this was usefull to you :)

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Thanks Harry,


A great page where you can translate almost anything is BabelFish


write your word in English into the window (150 words)

and select language

Translate word by word .. a line of words don't give always the right sense or meaning

You can even translate English to Japanese etc etc

Notice : this is the Dutch mainpage, I guess there has to be "somewhere" also an English mainpage .. but on this Dutch mainpage you can do already a lot who can be usefull


A nice idea can be .. if you need any help > open a general chat topic where members can help you with other translations .. At BW there are a wide range of non English members

Good Luck !

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