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ok guys ijm williong to host a server between 5 - 11 pm weekdays mon - fri,


ovbiously its no good for you 24 hour stations but for any1 that wants to get on and hav an hour or 2 mix it will do,


n e ways ive got an upload of about 900 Kb so and my pc isnt in use between those times,


PM me for more details

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well... if you want a server and some good software...


-server (you should find a cheap one around)



-DirETTORE (free)

-Station Playlist (pay)

-DRS 2006 (pay)

-SAM Broadcaster (pay)


-winamp/shoutcast dsp


follow a few articles in our article base! and post up a thread here! we will help you along the way :)

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