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Looking for advice -


I run a staion that averages about 450+ listeners @ 128kbps and another 100 @ 64kbps. We have been experimenting for the last month with serveral providers, some listed in this host review section.


I haven't been able to find a host that can handle the full 450+ listeneres without issues. I tried breaking it down with different hosts settin up relays. But that didn't work either. They last a few days without problems, then either a host starts buffering/lag or completely going down.


I'm told our stream is plagued by ddos attacks (whatever that is) and usually our host only lasts a few days before there entire server goes down affecting their other ports as well. Then I have to deal with the fact that if i send too much traffic to one port, that port will start buffering. Its simply getting annoying.


Does anyone know of a few hosts that have a great network and adequate firewall protection?


I understand you get what you pay for but I'm hoping to find someting in the middle of the big boys (viastreaming) and the dirt cheap ones.


thanks in advance for your help

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Have a look in the reviews section, plenty of good hosts there but you may want to consider a dedicated server, depending of your budget of course, with only your radio ports on it that should be fine but you will need a high bandwidth allowance. I am sure some experts in this area will reply soon anyway.
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we have never hosted a single station with such a capacity however we have full capabilities of doing so from one stream.


have you considered going for a split 50/50% us and eu servers? what may be affecting your stream is the transit providers from the hosts you are using. if you have a server in one location with a lot of listeners you are likely to have the odd person raise an issue about buffering if they live say central Africa where a particular transit carrier may not have a good point of presence.


Our network currently consists of 3 main providers. TATA Communication, Tiscali, Interroute and we also have a large capacity with Lonap and LINX. There is a firewall built too.


would it be of value if we allowed you to test out your capacity free for 24 hours on one of our servers?

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the problem with this is the way that royalties are done differently in different regions.


SO if a US server is broadcasting a song that was also on a server in the ...lets say the UK, the PPL UK has more justification in coming to the the stream host, mentioning an artist is also listed with them, and demanding their cut due to the relay server being in the UK homeland.


At least that's how I understand it, otherwise I would, as my small station has had listeners in Ireland, the UK and PI.


Otherwise a shared hosting plan with outside sourced servers would work great for me. Just point me in a direction of a host company that has the iron jaw to tell royalty company's to take a hike LOL.

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We are fully capable of handling that many slots at that bitrate. We have preventative measures in place to stop DDOS attacks. We are happy to see you trying out our service and hope it continues to work for you!

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We also have stations with that many listeners. We host many iTunes statins.


Our Data Center is in the TOP 5 DC's that handle DdOS attacks, per http://www.webhostingtalk.com ..


Our old DC could not handle DdOS attacks (see other post) but this one is very secure.

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I personally recommend picking up a dedicated server from FDCServers.net on their 100mbps share network. I've successfully run one of these servers with well over 700 listeners at 128kbps with no buffering during the middle of the day, but as always, your mileage will very. I had a server there for many months and only had 1 or 2 issues.

I think it's always nice to be able to have your own physical server. Plus, their cheapest dedicated server is only $159/month. That's under $0.23/slot.

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