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Event Scheduler

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I Got give link to que in sam scheduler i put the times to start it and url then it place this Queue.AddURL('http://nickybbreakfast.hopto.org:8156 ',iptop); i change ipbottom to iptop as you can see is this right? And should this work?



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Hi Fozzy

All scripts made with Event Sheduler are basicly right

However SAM is very sensitive to written details

To be sure that SAM is understanding the command of Event Sheduler write always :

ipTop or ipBottom

so the T and B with capital caracters

If the http in your script is online it has to pull perfect the IP at the right time to your queue playlist


If you are not sure about the quality of the incoming stream, a disconnection can always happen in the world of internet .. It can be a good idea to add the same IP twice into the same script

So you click 2 times "add URL" and you add 2 times the same IP .. NOT needed if you are sure about the quality of the stream source ..


If you like to pull your http source at top of the hour and that your decks are being fade out at the right time .. you can always use a PAL script

You can find a PAL to do this on this link :


The first on top of this "part 2" about PAL scripts is the one you need ...

The second script is a PAL where you can modify the "time" that the IP gonna be broadcasted ...

Check the link above and see if this looks ok to you ... Feel free to use it by copy and paste into a new PAL file

Good Luck !

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