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This week has been busy for me and our staff, there has been over 20 topics being active for us to discuss on, issues to itunes, suggestions to sections, its been busy! Also with our radio and musiuc forum sponsorship and other sponsorship listings coming up, wowah. Its VERY busy!


We have just hired two new moderators covering the US timeframe. We have moderators and admins covering every major timezone now, and with the amount of activity and visitors to the site. We need this. A big thanks to MarcAlle and JBVoice for getting this job and helping us out, also a thanks to all the staff who help me, i wouldnt be anywhere without your advice, suggestions and skills! We make up a team of 8 major staff! Thanks all who applied, it was hard choosing because you all had brilliant skills, you can still help us out though ;)


We are happy to announce over 20 available positions! We are getting ready to become a mega-resource for broadcasters and with the amount of news articles being sent in and requests to write articles for us, we are happy to hire more 2nd step staff. Contributors! Woo! That means we will have over 20 people writing for our website, giving you the best tips, advice and much much more!


You can apply for the following departments...



- Webcasting

- Industry

- Imaging

- Cutting Edge (New Broadcasting Tech)




Broadcasting Articles


Webcasting Articles


Imaging Articles


What do you get if you apply for this job and are successful...

  • Access to submit articles, news items and galleries to our site.
  • A mention on our list of staff and a link to your website.
  • A photo and name of you side next to your article/news/gallery.
  • A special title under your username on the forum.
  • A free email redirect. yourname@broadcastingworld.net

Feel like applying? Send an email with these details...

Full Name:




Why You Would Like To Help Contribute To BW:

Writing Skills:

How Often Can You Write For BW:

What Can You Contribute? What Type Of Articles/News:

Other Comments/Experience:

Good Luck To All!

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I'm really glad to be apart of the staff here now. I look forward to both contributing and helping out when needed. Thanks for the opportunity and let us continue to grow!



Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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