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Hi guys I know loads of people who use like paltalk to chat to listeners and they can have live cam chat to and its seems to get people on and tuned in .

Now i am asking what other free webcam chat is out there where you can place code or whatever on your site so listeners can join you live for chat and webcam...



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Hi Fozzy,

I think I can help you with this service :


To broadcast video / webcam content its most likely to use Windows Media Encoder or that one who is provided by the services of camstreams.com

The encoder of camstreams.com is easily to install ...

You can make a complete profile, including HTML content to create an own website presentation, you have a chat section available (you can login as Admin), viewer counts, stats etc

There is a max of 15 viewers at the same time

Important is to stay patient untill their server is able to connect with your source aka IP/PORT of your pc who is streaming the content .. Its possible that you have to make several attempts .. but you'll succeed .. it takes only some time .. but once connected you gonna have a good experience

You can link your profile to your own website by using your profile URL :

ex. http://yourname.camstreams.com/

But also visitors to this service can login on the mainpage to your profile by making a selection "people" etc etc

If your video / webcam stream is online your logo (average of 150x100 works great) and short description appears into the "online" directory


for an example check this "old" profile of Me at this link :



Its a free but very good service, every new update of details, info, profile are made in realtime !

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