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DAC stats.

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For those who haven't heard of this on the shoutcast forums, I figured I would promote this here. A free stats script that's easy and doesn't need to be IFramed.



Script Name:


DACStreamStats from Dead Awaken Crew(perfected by H. Avello)


Full Script Description:


A php stat script that is embedded into the header. This allows you to place tags anywhere in your script to accommodate to your/your clients needs. The goal was to make a stat script that is very easy to use, and customizable for any accommodation. The tags can be placed anywhere on your page, for an easier positioning of what-goes-where then your typical Iframed stat script.


All the stats that can be listed are seen here.




The script can be seen in action above my flash player here.




Follow these directions to customize:



1. Go into the PHP file and edit the top config to match your radio (the example that's already uploaded already has this done, obviously).


2. Upload that to your server. You're done with the PHP file forever.


3. Copy the JavaScript from the example.html (everything in between the


4. Place add the load() function into your

call on your HTML page.


5. Copy each tag you want to display and insert them into your html page wherever you want them to appear.


6. Upload your HTML page to the same directory as the PHP file.


The example.html itself is a basic example. The script appears above (though there is no header, as I said before, it should still work), then the body, and then an example of each of the updating spans.


You don't need to "call" anything. Just do that little config, and each of those 's will update every 5 seconds with the data you want.



Change the configure if you feel the need.



PHP is just a back-end, object-oriented language that allows for data storage and manipulation. Everything PHP outputs, however, like most web languages, is HTML, except everything within the <?php ?> tag is parsed by the PHP parser. In order to make this work on a PHP page rather than a simple HTML page, you just have to directly output it by using the echo command (example: echo '', or by closing the PHP tag ( ?> ) before the HTML and then opening it again ( <?php ) after the HTML.


Full Requirements:

This is very simple, small script. Should run on any server that supports HTML/PHP scripting.


Download Link or attachement:










New stats to be listed, easier understanding of the example.HTML


NOTE: these XML scripts WILL NOT WORK if F sockets are disabled. If you are having trouble with all shoutcast PHP stat scripts, this is the reason why.


We have also have added an error log. to run, just execute the retriever.PHP in the browser.







Note that if you run the this in your browser, its made to update every 5 seconds, so keep this in mind. as it will use bandwidth.




We are not looking for donations, but HA could always use a little dough to push him to his next script LOL. Contact him if you REALLY like this script, his E-mails in the readme.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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