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Mr Fog


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Today I had to go to a studio in London. I decided to drive as the trains were cancelled and I was running late, so (wrongly) I went a bit quick. 97mph to be exact - according to the police motorcycle rider that stopped me.


Now, I am one of these people that NEVER speeds, but I did today and I deserved to get stopped. Being an honest type I owned up immediately in the hope that some leniency may take place and pehaps I would get off with a warning. here is how the conversation went:


Policeman: Morning Sir. Is this your car?


Me: Yes Officer.


Policeman: I see. And do you know the speed limit on the motorway Sir?


Me: Yes officer, it is 70mph.


Policeman: That's right Sir. 70mph. And, do you know how fast you were going Sir?


Me: Yes, I was doing 97mph, which I know is too....


Policeman: Exactly Sir. 97mph. And what would have happened to Sir at 97mph if we ran in to Mr fog then?


(Now at this point I am thinking I have got a rejected primary school teacher here, so I decided to play alongh with his way of getting his lecture across to me....)


Me: Mr Fog huh? Well, erm, I would have pressed Mr brake pedal and erm, used Mr headlights. Then I would have slowed down Mr speedo pants and maybe used Mr and Mrs foggy lampoos.


Policeman: Comedian huh? Shall we try that again Sir. I said, what would have happened if we ran into MIST OR FOG?


Dig me a big hole so I can just throw myself in. PLEASE!!!!!!!!:doh:

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Funny joke though.

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I spent the evening down "The Factory" once after my mate decided it would be a good idea to tell a policeman what he really thought of him after being pulled for a "routine" check! (I was in the passenger seat of his Hillman Avenger)


I seem to recall the comments were relating to this Police Officer liking ermmmm close relationships with pigs, and also that he doubted whether the Policeman had a father!!:bustedred::bustedred::bustedred:



I can larff about it now....but at the time it wasn't so funny! ;-)

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Thank You!

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