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"The Show" w/ JJ the DJ - Personalities Wanted

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Hey. Shall we get started?


My name is JJ and I am the host of "The Show" w/ JJ the DJ. It is the only program at Jersey's Classic Rock, however it is a hit/premiere program that attracts a total of tens of thousands of listeners per three hour show. There is an audio broadcast which is the official broadcast and there is also a video broadcast - a high quality stream that can be checked out here -http://tinyurl.com/cv4w8l -


I have been running a similar format for the past six months w/ minor changes. I just recently added "Life Stories w/ JJ the DJ" which is a 5 to 10 minute segment where I read hilarious life stories on the air.


I run an "Ask JJ" segment where listeners ask me any questions they want and I answer them live on the air. That segment has become one of the more popular segments on the show.


Besides the two popular segments above, I broadcast horoscopes, a random fact of the day, and of course a couple tunes in between breaks, etc. The show is a topic-driven show, so the more topics the better. Over the past month, I have realized that, while I love being a one-host show, however I would like to add other voices to the show. Maybe during each hour, I can add a 5 to 10 minute segment where I get that particlular show personality on the show and it adds extra pizzazz to the show.


This is one of the many ideas I have, however we'll cross that road when the times comes. As of right now, I would like to hear from three possible personalities. Once I have received the required amount of emails regarding interest in the show, I will post a message updating you all on the current status.


The current topics you should be knowledgable in are entertainment (movies, music, concerts, tv shows, etc), technology (computers, mp3 players, social-networking, etc), sports (to possibly be integrated into the show), etc. Once I receive messages from interested personalities, we can go over more, but this should give you an idea.


** Before you send me a message, I only want serious personalities only.


I would appreciate an email to jjthedj@jerseysclassicrock.com from interested personalities, however I will check messages here at Broadcasting World. But believe me when I tell you, I would highly appreciate the latter method (jjthedj@jerseysclassicrock.com).


Thank you, and Best Regards,


JJ the DJ

Jersey's Classic Rock - Owner


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