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stop queue build up of pal scripts when not being used


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does anyone know how to make a Pal script for sam broadcaster that would stop the pals from allowing psa's and station id and show promos from building up in the queue ever hour that sam broadcaster is not being used?



I work at a college radio station and I have a bunch of idiots as colleuges who are either to dumb to clear queue or dont want to clear the queue even though i have shown them numerous times how to. and because the dont clear the queue when there is no dj after them the station will air a total of four station ids, psa's, campus ads and show promo's For every hour that Sambroadcaster was not being used. so if my station had 16 hours of continuous dj's and then the automation system was started back up the program will play like 64 psa's, station ids, campus ads, and show promo's before it will play music. we have 1 station id, campus ad, show promo and psa play at certain times every hour. so is their any way that i can fix this problem with a pal script. because its real aynoying to hear the same 4 psa. station ids, campus ads, and show promos 16 times in a row when a dj turns on the automation system known as sam broadcaster.


I know crap about pal scripts and I know nothing about computer programing. But my life would be alot easier if I could get people to follow instructions and clear sam broadcaster's queue when they have to turn it on cause their is no other dj after them.



please help me make it easy for the morons i work with.

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