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Windows service pack SCREWED me

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I went ahead and reinstalled Winamp due to some minor issues I was having with my favorite Winamp source streamer, Edcast.


NOW, I cant get Edcast reinstalled because of windows newest service pack auto update.





So unless I find a good Icecast DSP that does metadata, I'm stuck at the mercy of my shoutcast DSP that keeps losing encoder settings..


CONSPIRACY! I don't know how, but I'm sure Microsoft, Aliens, Bill Gates, Bob Barker, and some random shmuck named Joe are behind this one.


I'll figure out how to get around it, but this is the last time auto update will ever be activated.

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My Win auto update settings are disabled as "ask before downloading"

This works out very well .. if needed the user can check each update at the Windows Update website before downloading

In your current situation you can maybe restore the content by checking your Software > Updates .. and uninstall the most recent made updates ..

Reboot and check the Windows Update website and choose those who are needed ..

I'm not an IT specialist .. its just an idea of Me who can be helpfull

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Mmmm it is a major debatable issue, security over stability. Whether or not to install these packs. Me, personally i dont, my computers as useless as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest. I couldnt care about updates these days with windows 7 'soon' coming out!

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