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The Brutish Winamp/Edcast install guide

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For dummies like me, this is pretty dummy proof.


This install guide is for windowsXP using Winamp for a source.



Ok, I love edcast, just because of the free open source nature. You can stream to Icecast2 with it. You can stream to Shoutcast with it.

Heres how to get this, and get it working




First step: Go to www.oddsock.org,



Step 2: select the winamp plugin. and download this.




Step3: Go along with the installation, and install these files ESPECIALLY MP3 LAME. Better to have them than not. DO NOT worry about AAC encoders for now.




Step 4: During the installation, its going to redirect you to a site. Select mp3 bundles.




Then select this packet. Download it.




Step 5: open up that file you just downloaded, and take out this file.




Step 6: Where ever winamp is in your computer, drop this file in it.




Step 7: Start up winamp and drop this bar down to select preferences




Step 8: Select DSP on the leftside, and double click edcast.




Now you just need the encoder settings. If you transferred your Mp3 Lame Codec properly, you should see " MP3 Lame" as an option when you select "add encoder" as an encoder type type.



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Great tutorial, but I too prefer the standalone version - I don't really see the need for Winamp when using Edcast.

I have used winamp on a second soundcard/speakers etc.. to listen to the stream going out as a listener as this is possible of course, this is why the stand alone edcast is best. :)

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Point Edcast to the File that gives you your Now playing data!


I.E nowplaying.txt ...... u will find that under file in Metadata!


as for the Lame Mp3 encoder try the one you download from Sourceforge!

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