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Top40 set liner


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Hello Everybody,


First of all HAPPY EASTER !


This request gonna be the last for some time ... the current new set is a last update untill the Summer 2009


- C-HITZ the best of European Top40 music

- Enjoy Your Weekly appointement at GKRadio Europe


GKRadio Europe is pronounced as "G K Radio Europe"


the C in C-HITZ sound as SEE or SEA


Thanks in advance (Y)

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Hi Mike, Glenn and Alan,

Attached you'll find the produced promo of this new set

You gonna hear also some other wellknown voices - these are samples of other original GKR liners who have been mixed into this promo.


Please notice that "all of your voices" are used into the IDs of the set .. so each of you gonna be heard .. to hear the results .. check Sundays at 08pm CET (GMT+1)


Enjoy the attached result !

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