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What player do you use to listen

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Flash. Thats my custom content player of choice.


But I might be changing that to activeX very shortly due to the fact most active X players support AAC+ streams (WinampX and WHMSonics Sonic player) The onloy way you can support AAC+ that I know of currently is to have WOWzA loaded on your server (roughly $1000 a server is the going rate I last heard)


Its a pain that you dont see a lot of good Icecast flash players except minicaster. and I dont know how well it works with Flash10


I know flash10 was supposed to not support a lot of non-lossy formats, so I can see why Icecast flashplayer developers stopped on this persuit.

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Winamp all the way. I used to use WMP, but then it got to be a paid in my rear when it would take forever to load. Winamp pops right up and runs without crashing. WMP crashing was because of something on my old computer, but I got addicted to Winamp and have never looked back.

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O .. yes I heard already about it ..

it seems to be a new kind of "portable" iPod

Somebody told Me that the stereo effect of the headphones is SUPERB

I have to look for one of these into Our local shop :) lol

ps : Witch kind of power engine is used for this type of portable iPod ... battery, solar power or the flashy Flinstone engine 3159 BC ?

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