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Sam Broadcaster - Unable to send data fast enough


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"Not Able To Send Data Fast Enough error" it's a known problem that has been in SAM since version 2 and Spacial just haven't addressed it along with lots of other bugs.
You are totally incorrect in this statement. This error has nothing to do with SAM.


It is due to some sort of packet loss at one of the many steps between your PC and your Stream Host. As a Stream Host, I have investigated about 100 of these "Not Able To Send Data Fast Enough" errors and 100% of them were NOT due to SAM. We have the diagnostic tools to analize the complete stream from PC to Stream Host. They all were to do with:

  1. Bad NIC in PC
  2. Packet loss along the way with a carrier such as Cogent, LEVEL1, AT&T, Hurricane, etc.
  3. Problems at Stream Host
  4. ISP having issues

I realize it gives you no greater pleasure in life, Gary, to bash SAM at every opportunity that you can. But at least have your facts straight, as you are losing credibility.

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You are totally incorrect in this statement. This error has nothing to do with SAM.


I'm afraid it is very much a SAM issue. I've had upload speeds 4mb + that could handle quite a few streams and when using SAM it would happen quite frequently, I've yet to have an issue with other encoding software not being able to stream fast enough.


It even happens with the old SAM Encoder DSP for winamp. So very much a badly written encoding function.


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I seem to remember some buffer settings in SAM that you can adjust that fixed this issue for me
You are talking about the Buffer Settings, Packets & Packet Time. Yes, they are still there.

SCS - Dedicated Bandwidth Servers

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When i used SAM it didn't seem to matter whether i was on a wired network or wireless it would always come up with the "Not Able To Send Data Fast Enough error" it's a known problem that has been in SAM since version 2 and Spacial just haven't addressed it along with lots of other bugs.


That was on different shoutcast servers with different providers had more than enough bandwith so it wasn't the shoutcast servers it was SAM causing the error



um yeah- this is exactly incorrect info, Gary.


SAM has no problem.

1. Find the cable and plug it into your computer.

2. Have an absolute Minimum of 1 GB RAM in your Win7 PC.

3. Disable the Desktop automatic loading of slideshows and random pictures.

(reserve the RAM for your transmission)

4. Do not allow excess Flash to run while transmitting.

5. Do not use wireless Hard drives, where your transmission material is housed.


If you use WAN (wireless binding to your router-- one phone call to your wireless phone Will result in Unable to Send Fast Enough Error. One garage door remotely keyed to open, one automatic Car ignition button, one wireless phone call received by your neighbor (if living closely together), one bird crapping on your roof, will result in unable to send data fast enough error.


Wireless Internet is an unstable Internet Connection. Always has been and always will be.


Shout/ICEcast is excellent technology. SAM is excellent technology. SAM is Winamp.. basically.

SAM is Excellent Technology

Winamp, is Excellent Technology


hear it from a dj who knows Internet Protocol and Transmission Control Protocol and programs in 37 languages. Someone who has inspected the actual nuts and bolts of every inch of the technology.

The problem is IN House, Gary. :yes:



DJ Ben



Gary- I wish to see the set of "code" in SAM which is causing the error which you report.

(incorrect assumption)

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Last night I had the same problems arise again. It's strange that it's pretty much at the same time every night almost without fail. I must have just had a lucky couple of nights.

I am pretty sure this problem is to do with our stream host. I'll chat with the station owner in regards to maybe getting our host server re-located as suggested earlier in the thread.


Hopefully something will resolve this problem soon as the stream problems are occuring during our peak time here in Australia (7.30pm- approx. 11.00pm)"


"... have 300kb/s...upstream"

"... 2 year contract..."

"...try relocating the server..."

"...issue is between you and the stream server"

"...running 2 encoders (streams)..."

"...will see what my ISP says..."



OK; this all just begs to be said.


the computer seems to not do as expected at 1 given time of day. (check updating schedules on your Router and all software updaters running on your computer. Ensure your computer is not doing backups or anti-virus scans or updates during said times. (many times an apparent bandwidth problem- is actually a CPU overload Or a RAM overload, if process priorities have not been adjusted, Or simply being unaware of what Your Computer is doing while you are streaming Your Broadcast, you may very well think that it is a failure belonging to your Internet Connection- typically, it is a failure of Your Own Computer in keeping up with all which it is being expected to do at one time. CPU usage (pressing Alt+Cntrl+Del (once) to initialize Task Manager will allow a view of the CPU Load and Paging File Usage Statistics) If your computer is overloaded, look no further- streaming will be interrupted.


Next; Download the Free Shoutcast Server README page and Read It.

Pay Particular attention to the Math which is mentioned around 7/8s the way down the page regarding bandwidth requirements, particularly where it relates to Bitrates of the Stream.


They do the math for you- one must only read the Readme Page for the Shoutcast Server to understand the Stream Server requirements. Since someone has takes the time to Host the Stream Server--- Chances are Very Good, that their Stream Server is functioning properly. I say this because it is extremely simple to use.

The Stream Server never will be re-located. There would be no need to do so.

They host the Stream Server and have undoubtedly Tested it and it Works.


back to Your Computer......


You are attempting a continuous Upstream of 128 kbps to the Stream Server and another 32 kbps Stream to? another Stream Server? ............ on 300 kbps upload bandwidth?

More Encoders Running, and more Streams being hosted----- now that all relies on Your Computer to maintain that throughput of data. Your CPU, Your RAM, .... my focus in this post is to disambiguate the many instances of sheer ambiguous trends which have made this Topic span a dozen Pages.


to put it simply-

Your Computer must be capable of continuous Data Throughput of at least triple the bits per second of that Which you are attempting to Send to the Stream Server. If it fails at That- do not bother the administrator of the Stream Server.

Asking them to relocate the server, will likely earn you an early ID10T Award.

if all else fails (after checking Your Own House) then perhaps relocate Your Computer by using an Outside Proxy Service... if done correctly, this will reroute your data stream through different hops between you and the Stream Server. However; most of the time, this would be completely unnecessary. Understand how it works before attempting it. It would be the exception to the rule- that it would need to be done. and only a temporary Need, if that. (i recommend Not doing that)


Most Likely, your computer itself is not keeping up with the data throughput.

Once you are Certain that your Computer CAN do it- then, look at your Upload Bandwidth.

300 kbps.................. fails. it is less that half the necessary bandwidth to Host 1 UpStream of 128 kbps, let alone the additional UpStream for the 32 kbps. (see the Free, Shoutcast Server 'readme' for the math)

Both encoders and streams require System Resources as well ( RAM & CPU + Adequate Upload Bandwidth )


speaking of RAM & CPU + Adequate Upload Bandwidth---

Any Browsers and Flash running on your computer- use very much of the RAM & CPU + Adequate Upload Bandwidth.

Due to this, minimize the amount of Flash which will be running while you do the transmission.


Also, Restart your computer half an hour before Starting your Broadcast.

......log onto your computer and allow at least 15 minutes of system Idle time AFTER the restart, before going "On Air".

this will allow auto-updating software to check for updates And finish checking for updates Before you go On Air.

(this usually happens automatically after a system restart)


Now, Your computer is restarted- your have logged onto your computer and it has sat Idle for about 15 minutes.....

now, start your Broadcasting Software... your SAM (for example)

then start your Browser

Now start your Teamspeak (if needed)


Now these Priorities in the System, are correctly set -------

they are correctly set because they were started in That Order. =)


now, go the the webpages needed

(music wishbox for StreamJockies(djs),

(the radio chatroom, most tend to be Flash based chats nowadays (grrr)

Open the funny little Smilies window in the chat-

this, so all the little smilies Load in the Smilies Window Before You go On Air.




-So long as that is done-

And you have a minimum of 650 kbps Constant Upload Speed for broadcasting 1 stream at 128 kbps

And not Wirelessly Connected to the Internet (find the cable and plug it directly into your computer)

And so long as Your Computer has a Minimum of 1 GB RAM and a CPU capable of running Windows 7, ...

You Are Ready to Broadcast without Interruptions




my preference is the use of


SAM version 3.4.3

it works


I use SeaMonkey instead of Firefox

it works


I use Teamspeak 3 Client

it works


Have FUN and remember- you aren't sending songs- you are sending 1 stream of data.

it all belongs to You =)

This Technology is FUN and completely legal because nowhere is the "Air" captured....

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