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I'm happy!


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James: I wasn't too sure where to put this post, so I've put it in General Chat, you're more than welcome to move it to somewhere more acceptable.


Since starting Pinnell Productions as a small project in 2006, it's gone through many changes..., it no longer takes my photography (Something I still do, as a hobby), and it's no longer run from my own personal website (Which I now no longer have) It now focuses on Voiceover and Production.


I was happy during Christmas week of last year, when I decided to launch Pinnell Productions properly. Ah, that Christmas Eve was fun, putting the finishing touches to the website before I stopped working for Christmas. New Years day then came along, and instead of going out like everyone else on New Years Eve, as the clock struck Midnight, Pinnell Productions was launched.


That was a big thing, but today, I've done something bigger, something which will benifit Pinnell Productions more. (It's a big thing for me anyway).


Today, I popped into the bank (You don't need to know the name!), and set Pinnell Productions a business account. Pinnell Productions is now even more professional, and can do many more things! All because of the business account.


You could say, Pinnell Productions has evolved from a project to a business.


Thought I'd share that with you first, it's not even mentioned on my site yet! :)

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Congratulations! I wish you nothing but the best in your future!

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This is great news, Ian - and to think that only a few months ago you were designing the Pinnell Productions website for the New Years launch.

and 4 months later, you're here and still extremely proactive ;)

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