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Wowza vs. Adobe Flash Streaming Server

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Ah - video streaming! This has been something I've been working with alot over the past couple of months! If you've got any specific questions - just ask and i'll try my best to help...


We're currently working with Wowza along with various other tools, and some custom software for our 'coming soon' video streaming services - expecting to launch them in May (although, this will probably be under a different brand - not Wavestreaming) then some radio options will be added to Wavestreaming in the coming months too.


Reason we went for Wowza, is the superb community, code examples available, the IDE to create custom plugins, also the cost is lower than Adobe. Plus, there is obvious the direct integration with SHOUTcast & Icecast that Wowza offers - which is a big bonus for radio stations. Its also much more cross-platform compatible...


I know StreamSolutions are also using Wowza for their Flash setup, Nick posted here on the forums as to why;



There is also an opensource (free) alternative known as RED5;


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Ok, got to be a good reason for this with RED5.


I see It has file extensions. SO with that being said, and since your the webhost and probably already thought of this x10 steps here.


What keeps me from simply adding a decoder?


You probably already know what I'm thinking by that statement, and it would be the only reason I would buy WOWZA.

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@&*$@&, Its not going to work...


It would need to be on the LC browser. Thats where the LC launch file MUST be launched from( or any licensed launch page under JLA, OOOOOOOH that stings), so even in Iframe it wont work.... :(


BUT MAN, that would have been sweet....


Im still going to try to Iframe the flash player and put it on the server, but Im sure my therory of failure is pretty sound, and kills all hope of AAC+ working.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Ok, I see what Im doing wrong.


For video, I need to run a flash server period, stream through that. NO SC OR IC involved.

Same applies to Flash servers for audio.


I was thinking it was something in the browser of how adobe/appache filters the info.


I just met a guy using stream2Cast, and took a peak under the server hood so to speak.


MAN OH MAN. This is going to be headache and pain.


Im gonna have a lot of fun here...

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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You have an interesting content at your URL

and secondly welcome to BW :)

Red5 is young but does already RULE

With your knowledge it can be interesting to check this topic :


One of the members has a specific question about an issue


First of all I wanna thank you for sharing your knowledge ...

Secondly it should be interesting to setup your own thread .. I'm sure it would be very welcome at BW

Check also some earlier made posts made by "Saint" (he delivers articles etc)


Enjoy BW !

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