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Running two winamps at the same time

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Some people are having trouble, opening two (or more) winamps, at the same time.


Here is a quick walkthrough:


In windows:


Then, find the 'winamp menu' icon (looks like a sinus with a horizontal line in it), in the upperleft corner of the winamp player. Click it. Goto options -> preferences -> general preferences (version 5.541 that is, previous versions might be slightly different)


make sure 'allow multiple instances' is checked.


Then, start another winamp, again with


It will start at the exact same position as the first, so drag it somewhere else. You now have two winamps running, side by side. I always change skin on one of them, to prevent confusion.


Be carefull when doubleclicking mp3's: if winamp is open, it does not open a new winamp, but plays in the first winamp it finds (often busy broadcasting). Instead, open mp3's from within winamp, or tell windows, to open mp3's with a different program (rightclick on a mp3, 'open with', 'choose program', choose another player, and check the 'always use the selected program to open this kind of file' option), to prevent this from happening.


When you have 2 (or more) winamps open, you can tweak the dsp-plugin of each one. (This behaves a little strange: Once I click 'Configure active plug-in', It wont show up at first (minimized/stuck), but when I release the focus away from, and then back to winamp, it suddenly shows. :retard:)


This way, you can have 2 (or more) winamps open: one for each broadcasting channel, and perhaps some, to listen to your channel(s) yourself.

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This is EXCELLENT stuff. I'm trying this tonight.


My biggest questions are:


1) Can I adjust the volume of the source Winamp and it not effect the listening Winamp.

2) When broadcasting on both Winamps, It would be AWESOME to use one instance as a background to my sweeper. SWAP and use the other as a background to the other sweeper on another station LOL.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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1) yes. Thank the big giant spaghetti monster for that!


Well, only tried it with the input of the DSP plugin set to 'Winamp (Recommended)'.


the winamp volume on your broadcasting winamp can be turned down whole the way down (silence!), or up (to check for sound/signal). It does not matter for the volume of the channel broadcasted at all.


Slight 'problem': you actually CANT adjust the volume of the signal broadcasted, at this setting. The 'mic' & 'line input' settings look promising: one can adjust the volume with sliders, outside of the main winamp volume, but i was not able to check that out (since i have no mic or other device at hand)

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