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Live Radio, TV and Internet Streaming


Jetcast is an innovative streaming solution: reliable, secure, affordable.


The traditional barrier to streaming is high cost. It’s common knowledge that many stations’ monthly streaming bill can vary widely and increases as online users increase.


Jetcast removes this expensive “big bucks barrier” for once and for all.


Radio and TV stations can switch to Jetcast at a fraction of their current costs, and stream to any size audience.


Pay one low price each month, regardless of audience size (no one can beat our price) Decrease listener fatigue with higher audio and video quality Increase listener and viewer time Online metrics for detailed data Online Player Customization tools Block specific cities, regions or countries if required Get full-featured tech support Sell player banner and tile space as you wish Retain 100% spot inventory control, use spot replacement technology, or let us sell it for you Stop spending money and start making it through Jetcast

To learn more about Jetcast, please E-mail Us and we will contact you.


Stations retain control of their inventory and ad revenue. See Spot Replacement. All streams are scalable and secure. Minimum 56kbps bandwidth provides high quality.


How does Jetcast do it? Jetcast uses its massive internet grid network across 6 continents to form the worldwide bandwidth backbone for Radio, TV and video partners.












This sounds like a crock of garbage.

Now for the REAL TOUR


By Brutish Sailor.





To tune into a station!


1) you have to upload some forign plug in for the player.


2) Upload a Firefox unidentified plug-in for your browser.


3) Watch Firefox crash.


4) Get video in FMV quality.


and then get fed the above......





Sounds like a Webhost wanted to play streaming pioneer and went into this half cocked.



KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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The art award? I never heard of it. I do see the nominee's and I would like to know how they got considered for contributing to radio.




This is the thing that REALLY got me suspicious. Started looking through their reviews.


they date back to 2007. Yet most of the streaming explanations are under construction. Plus the fact that they dont mention a DSP. This isnt a streaming system, this is a webhost thats making money off puting ads in streams, and he has some kind of FMV playlist running for videos. AND YES, most of the videos are playlist format.


So I would say scam more than break through.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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jetCast Server 2 description


You can broadcast your own music through internet in MP3, OGG or WMA with jetCast!

jetCast mixes music and microphone input, and send it to listener through internet.


Reverb effect is supported for microphone input for enriched sound.


If you start your broadcasing, jetCast sends your station information to our directory server, so any one connected to internet can listen to your broadcasting!

If you want to broadcast only to specific listeners you want, use the Private Broadcast option to block unwanted listeners.


jetCast can interact with other broadcasting servers such as ShoutCast/IceCast, and supports multiple external servers (by using JCServer). So you can extend the bandwidth with multiple PCs.

For example, you can install JCServer to multiple external PCs (external PCs may exist in your home, your friends home, or IDC building), and broadcast from your desktop to these multiple servers.


By using port-forwarding feature, you are able to broadcast even if your PC is connected to internet through router.


In addition to broadcasting, you can talk to your listeners and exchange files usingjetChat.


By expanding a server you can accommodate a greater number of listeners and can support listeners who use internal IP for their broadcasting. The broadcasting is possible when the server is operated along with jetCast, SHOUTCast dsp, Oddcast dsp and SAM Broadcaster.




SO this is where it gets tricky.


It looks like a SC_serv, but it set up to relay to multiple servers ? Just allots them?

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Kaboose701 (10 months ago) Show Hide


Marked as spam Reply


I was Hacked 1.1m...and scammed 300k >.> ._.

~Jetcast MFL main server



Hes not a good source.


What Im getting is that Jetcast was originally made by jet audio for their player. Jetcast was the server directory and jet server is the actual SERV. It was made to be a contender with spacial audio/ spacial.net (from the looks of things)

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Jetcast is a perfectly safe site and a reputable company. Basically they just use P2P streaming, which is just a setting within Windows Media Services, as a type of Windows Media Streaming. It's called multicast streaming within the Windows Media Services panel.


Customer support isn't great, but there's nothing wrong with their network and it works fine.


It is also kind of annoying to make users install a plugin, but the plugin works fine once installed and DOES NOT give you viruses.

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It was a few years ago I used it and to say that JetCast can give viruses is wrong actually, I will concede but back then at least malicious users could put viruses on the network, things may be different now.


Yeah, people can't put stuff on the network now. It is really just a method of streaming....

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The idea of P2P streaming just seems to scary for my blood.


Technically it is the same idea as P2P file sharing, but in all reality it is not the same thing at all (assuming that is why you don't like the idea). For starters, P2P streaming isn't illegal....


What is happening is one listener tunes in and pulls the feed from the streaming server. The next listener that tunes in, depending on their location, might pull the feed from the streaming server, or that other listener. That is how they accomplish unlimited listeners, because you aren't pulling bandwidth from the server if there are enough listeners, you are pulling it from another user.


It doesn't work for small listenership stations because not enough users are tuned in to make the grid reliable, but for larger stations it is pretty reliable and works well.

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