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[New Site] Bugs, Suggestions etc...


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Hi James,

Thanks for your daily great input and work that you do on the site of BW ! (Y)

Concerning my own project .. I see several bugs :


- the blue icon to listen gives a "page not found" error with a picture

- secondly the genre of my project isn't "Alternative" ... its Pop, RnB and European Top40 .. and thats an important difference

- the "go to website" would be more likely using a _blank and not with _self = currently after clicking on the URL link members get outside of the forum and have to use their "back" button to return to BW


Again you made huge efforts in the re-design of the site .. when all is done take a few days off .. because you deserve it

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Not sure if its a bug or just real slow but i tryed to upload an image on my post and it said uploading please wait 3 mins later the same so i cancel it .

It was only a small bmp file



No such thing as a small bmp file ;) bmp is massive compared to gif and jpeg!

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I guess a similar bug is at these links :



on both pages none of the "listen to station" is working, they also don't redirect to the station profile


Positive is the current navigation at the left tabs - thumbs up !


To Fozzy :

Where do you find the "Edit Your Station" button ?

I don't see anything like that on my profile


Hope this was helpfull

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We have had floods on twitter about our site, and some people have made a suggestion on having an overall profile! One outside the forum that shows what host, licensing provider, gear, what reviews you have written and what you have commented on the site in one profile!


Yes? No?

Studiio - All-In-One Radio Communication Platform
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Yes .. but don't go "to" public

afterall BW is a forum with members who has to login to write their point of views and some answers do belong more to the community


An automated update of topics would be better ... ex.:

a ) when posted > "Name Topic Subject"

b ) when someone made a reply > "Name Member" has made a reply to "Name Topic Subject"


That could be also a nice way to do it .. and it would keep the main content "away" from the "public scene" for reason of what I wrote on top of this ..

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I do understand you very good James

Thats part of "online" brainstorming


To myself I see services such as Twitter as a kind of Yellow pages ... you can find a name and phonenumber ...

however people have to call to make contact

Thats about the same idea behind my explanation .. give them a "name topic" and a link to the topic .. but nothing more ... if they are guests .. they can only read the content without making any "not done" replies.


For reason that I have the idea that a lot of "sales men" are active on Twitter .. your great forum can become in a short amount of time a forum who gonna be spammed with the most crazy replies who have nothing to see with the subject of the topic

As owner and IT man you know that these things can happen and can be done very easily by bots etc


Enjoy your day ;)

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