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Play WinAmp realtime (xp)

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If you stress your broadcastingmachine's processor a lot, your winamp dsp-plug stream can experience some loss of signal.


This can partly be resolved by tweaking the process priority

A) Of winamp:

At your winamp->main menu (tilde in the upperleft corner)->options->preferences->General Preferences->Priority Class, where you can choose any of the following: Realtime, High, Normal, Idle (Low) with the slider. This will take effect immediately.


If you open winamp, it will be at the priority level, as indicated in A) in the last winamp that closed (and thereby writing that value to the registry).


B) Directly in the windows task manager (If you dont want the setting to be 'saved', or want to perhaps put priority at 'AboveNormal' or 'BelowNormal'):


Press ctrl-alt-delete. Goto Applications. Select the correct winamp (If you have more then one, looking exactly the same, you can select one, then click 'Switch To' to bring it to the front of your screen, so you can check it is the right one). Rightclick the correct winamp in the Applications tab -> Goto Process. This will select the correct process at the Processes tab. Now, rightclick that process, and you can select the priority of that process to any of the following: Realtime, High, AboveNormal, Normal, BelowNormal, Low.


This will also take effect immediately. These settings will not be saved.


Changing the priority in the task manager, will not effect the setting inside winamp's preferences, but changing priority in the winamps preferences will change the values inside the task manager.

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Yes, increasing the thread priority has helped me to resolve issues with a long-standing issue that I have had also. The machine is dedicated to this task, so it runs quite well.

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I always kinda assumed this was first setup for many Winamp users. I've never had luck with Winamp handling the 'pressure' if process priority isn't raised. Either way, should always be a recommended step for mission critical setups.
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