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Let's talk Internet Radio

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As this part of the forums is to discuss about Internet Radio, I thought I would share with you my story of an Internet radio station I work for, and my thoughts on the medium.


I work for Off The Chart Radio, presenting a variety of shows every so often, and it's been one of the longest running licensed Internet Radio stations in the UK, licensed with PPL, PRS for Music, and MCPRS. The station has been running for 5 years this year.


Although it's strap line is "The Internets Number 1 Hit Music Station", the amount of diversity within shows on the station is big. Of course, you've got your general CHR shows (Which I present mainly), but you've also got specialist shows which introduce new artists to the airwaves, and even shows from across the pond in the USA.


All of the stations presenters have day jobs, and have their own unique style of presenting, no two shows are ever the same!. Some of the presenters who worked for OTC have since gone to work for FM stations, while people who currently work in the industry have joined OTC to bring their talent to the table, one of the presenters works for a local BBC radio station!


As with the majority of Internet Radio, the shows come from peoples own homes, but this past Easter Weekend, some of us met at OTC HQ for a weekend of special live shows and events, some which were captured on video (Edited and recorded by myself!), and it's little station events like this, that really bring a station together. You get to meet the person you've been handing over too for the past 2 years in the flesh, instead of just an MSN conversation!.


Despite what people think about Internet Radio, I feel this has a huge advantage within the radio industry, and I feel it is part of the industry, despite what others might think. The way OTC is run is unique in it's own way, and everyone puts so much effort into their shows, it's really enjoyable to work on the station, as well as to listen too. And being on air for 5 years is some achievement, even if I've only been there a couple of years.


For those of you looking to start your own Internet station, or get involved in one, you will certainly have lots of fun, and if run properly, you will build a listener base, whether it be for certain shows, or for the entire station. Even though OTC is based in the UK, many listeners listen in from all around the world, particularly in the USA, especially during the evening shows, where in the US it's the afternoon.


As technology advances, Internet radio is not just on the Internet..., you've got it on your mobile phones (Nokia etc), specialist Internet Radio radios, and even on an iPhone (If you're lucky enough to have one!). With so many ways to listen to Internet Radio, it is certainly becoming a medium which is gripping the world, and offers something that many Commercial and DAB stations don't.


Anyway, I'll stop rambling now. I hope Internet radio continues to prosper, and offer the variety it does, and I hope it continues to give people who want to get into the radio industry, like me, a chance to do so.


I certainly hope Off The Chart Radio continues to run for another 5 years (And more after), and continues to grow strength to strength, alongside other Internet stations out there.

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Internet radio has unfortunately became synonymous with a good majority of professional broadcasters who see it as an ‘embarrassment' and a 'parasite' when compared to the stereotypical standards set by DAB, Satellite or major FM.


Largely thanks to technology changes on the internet which has allowed anyone the chance to broadcast to an audience. Most of the top market broadcasters will look down and envy the fact that now you can do what they do and without regulation or limitations from the comfort of your own home studio.


Yes, fair enough, the only limitation might be how one might listen but as Ian mentioned above, internet radio is now on wifi, mobile phones and even in the car.


I’ll be honest, it took me a long time before I could embrace the idea of internet radio and include it as another form of music and entertainment, but now that’s all changed. Internet radio, whether we like it or not is just as important as any other platform of radio.


It may take some longer than others to see this, but long will it continue and prosper as it has done in recent years.

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I've been in Internet radio for around 8 years now. Djing for various stations and even had a chance to go in 50/50 with a friend who recruited me from a station I was djing for. We had a vision that would of taken internet radio to another level. That was some time ago and we seen what we dreamed about happen it just was too bad we weren't the ones who got it done. It's come a very long way I feel from people like myself who are what I call "armchair broadcasters" to some like many of you in here who are Balls to the wall I guess you could say. I always knew that there was more to it then sitting infront of your computer with SAM up and a small hand held mic pretty much talking about whatever you could come up with and trying to sound somewhat like you knew what you were talking about. I just never took the plunge until now by getting involved with a place like BW and being amongst other likeminded peers.

Now that I want my own station I realize there is soooooo much more to it then what I said above. The thing I think that drives a person to be so involved in something such as internet radio or radio in general for that matter is passion for music, and passion for being around people even if it's on the internet or in some cases for myself in chat rooms.

There is a ton of dedication from the station owners all the way to the staff dj's and promo people. If you don't have a staff that is fully dedicated to the same things you are, it's not going to work.

I guess I am just happy that I found BW because you guys that I've talked to so far have been awesome in helping me with advice and so I will quit here before my reply goes off in a million different directions. Great post Ian !!

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Thanks Ian for this "chapter" at BW :)


For once I don't gonna tell about myself :P .. but about some friends of Me at The Netherlands

They run at their country since more than 6 years an internetradio.

Since the early 80s they where a popular FM station .. but for reason of the many many anti-piracy laws of those days - after the many laws We already had during the Offshore Radio decades - finaly they cancelled their broadcasts during the late 80s ..

The name of the station was an icon at their region .. however they where not able anymore to start any broadcast.

Untill more or less 6 years ago they discovered the internet.

The original owner of the station made a call to several former djs and started the same "old" recipe of their former FM station by using the original station name as streaming audio project.

Lots of the earlier listeners where "back" involved to the station .. because of the same station, same hosts, same format etc ...


During the past week I've received from the owner of that station an email message ... And guess what ?

The local FM station at their city is broke and out of any money etc etc .. so they've lost their license

but that current local FM station did the LIVE coverage of some important events ...

Last week the internet radio project was asked by the Board of the soccer team if they where able to make the Weekly LIVE coverage of the football games ... So offcourse they have said yes

In fact after nearly 20 years they are back "into" the city community as "radio" even they are an internet only station

To the listeners at home of the Weekly live coverage there's in fact no difference and no huge changes .. unless now they don't have to use anymore their radio tuner but have to use their pc to hear the Sport News ...


Ian is right in what he is writing ... in fact We are all as broadcasters (small and big projects) on the edge of a new generation of broadcasting .. for reason of the wireless radio receivers who are able to tune into webradio.

Nokia Internetradio is indeed one of the most advanced systems to give listeners direct and live access to Our broadcasts wherever they are.


and because I'm a good boy (read = MAN ! :) ) I have added the project of my friends who are living at The Netherlands to my account at Nokia Internetradio .. This way they have at once the possebility to tell to the visitors at the football game that they also can follow live coverage .. even fans who are not able to listen - for reason that they are at an other place at that time .. they still can take their mobile phone and tune in.

As with the majority of Internet Radio, the shows come from peoples own homes ... many listeners listen in from all around the world ... As technology advances, Internet radio is not just on the Internet ...

The Next Generation of radio ... Tomorrows future happens already Today !

Great isn't !

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