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What can DJRA3 do?

DJRA has always been the first choice for scheduling DJ's and their images. Schedule images to rotate weekly, or have new HTML code shown once a day. Keep your web site content active and constantly updating.

- Have a new "Featured Product" every day or week.

- Schedule your DJs and show their pictures from one easy to use place.

- Rotate a POTD, POTW, POTM, POTY or any scheduled picture of the moment.

- Unlimited possibilities.


Whats New?

DJRA3 lets you schedule any type of web content, or use simple images and links. You are able to schedule them anytime, rotate weekly or show once a year, and everywhere in between. And DJRA3 is faster and easier to use then ever!

http://www.djra3.com/ There is a working demo onsite



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If you decide to get this, and for all who wish to get this, you will LOVE it, the support for bugs and crashes is superb, and I've got it on two of my websites.


Granted they are down right now till we hire some new DJ's, but hey it's one of the best MySQL programs, that work with PHP and HTML


Plus everything all the way down to the background color of the view page is customizable...

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