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Need Help w/Website for Internet Radio Station


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I currently have an Internet Radio Station Up and running 24-7 and everything is good!!..but i would like to put in a new player for the music

currently i have a normal radio player if you go to the site you will see

what iam talkin about it shows the name of the radio station and that

is it...


what iam needing help with is finding a radio player that i can use to

play the music that will show the radio station name,song title,and maybe

a couple songs previously played...i have the code on the site for the sams player but most of the listeners are using the onsite player..


i know about the flash players but because we are just starting out we

are using a site that i dont have access to the server to upload files

otherwise i would have had a flash player by now ....was wondering if anyone knew of a another player that i could use??


also i was needing so help with the look of the site iam in need of a coder who can do a layout for us there is a limited look currently for the site as i said it is a hosted it has a small variety of themes but it allows for upload of custom css and u can upload a header image and some other images...coder would have access to this area of the site.. right now we are in the middle of collecting donations from the listeners to get a domain of our own..


if anyone can help we would really appreciate it tyvm

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I coded a player a while back that had the SAM Now Playing embedded in it, however, I never tested the previously played...if you like I can try to get something coded for you that has a WMP embed as well as the now playing and previously played, I just need the SAM stuff again as I haven't used SAM in about 7 months, so I have none of the HTML code available to me
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I didnt catch the now playing script part...


It looks like the F Sockets for apache/PHP are closed on his server...


I never asked you this Alex, but will social player still pull metadata despite this? I could never get the DACStats around this for retrieving XML data.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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It should still pull data because I am pulling it from ShoutCAST which runs its own web server. Also even if it is embedded on a site that disables sockets, since it is a remote player it will still work fine.



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Is it possible that incoming socket requests are being denied?

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