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Nice contribution !

Finaly some major "news-media" players found the power of online audio.

Uptill today, except some important major stations / projects, only "tons" of people made internetradio .. In most of the cases streaming audio is still seen to "the public" as unknown .. because most of them never discovered or didn't made any attempt to listen to audio streaming.

The project who is launched by The Sun can mean to lots of people a new way to use their internet connection.

We don't may forget that the majority of people still use their internet just to send emails and to find info etc

We as broadcasters and fans of radio have the knowledge that more is possible.

Even more interesting is the "give away" of 10 wireless internetradio receivers


The idea that they say "to win an internet radio" is also important to explain to the public that it excists .. not only online but also by using a "portable radio"

Sometimes, We as broadcasters, do forget that the majority of the internet users untill now never heard about Wi-Fi, wireless devices etc etc .. even it gets more and more common.

The day that a wireless portable internetradio receiver can be bought in all shops accross the world .. in the same way as people buy these days plasma screens etc etc .. well that day people gonna find out that also "other" media excists and can be captured / heard at their "own" home

What The Sun is doing can be seen as a positive evolution to the majority of the public and to give exposure to internetradio in general.

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