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We have gone out of our minds! VPS special like never before FREE: DA, CE, management


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It is true, the rumors are right - we must have lost our mind! Nobody ever gives specials as good these, but we are! But hurry - we might get our sanity back soon!


This server is loaded with free DirectAdmin, management, ClientExec, and more!

iWebFusion Technologies LLC - VPS servers


Please use coupon platspecial when ordering.


Now with two datacenter choices!


Speed test (Peer1 LA datacenter)


Speed test (USSHC, IA datacenter)

Pro Platinum ($50 a month)

50GB Space

1536MB guaranteed RAM

1792MB burst RAM

900GB premium bandwidth

5 IPs

Full Management

Free DirectAdmin

Free ClientExec

Order Here

With coupon=$35.00




Q: How soon will my VPS be setup?

A: Your VPS will be setup within 48 hours, however generally they are setup within a few hours


Q: Is Warez, torrents, or warez linking allowed?

A: No! We are located in the USA and only allow legal content in the United States


Q: Is adult content allowed?

A: Yes! However, please keep in mind all content must be legal in the USA


Q: Do you oversell?

A: Absolutely not! You are free to use all of your resources. We have a 100% no overselling guarantee.


Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We have been in business for about a year and three months.


Q: Do you have 24/7 support?

A: Yes! We have 24/7 helpdesk support, and strive to have 24/7 live chat.


Q: Can you create a custom plan for me?

A: Of course! Just submit a proposal to our sales team, sales@iwebfusion.net and we will get back to you very quickly



Feel free to ask any questions!

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I can personally vouch for these guys.


I have only had one connection issue within the whole time period of being with them. I called them directly and reported the issue. Within 30 seconds I had an outstanding tech support on the line, and the problem was fixed within a minute, and I had a personal E-mail/phone call explaining the problem.


Then came my legal issues, and I told them I could not keep broadcasting ATM. They worked with me (which is a challenge within itself) and let me keep my dedicated IP account and gave me no grief about canceling my radio account.


3 weeks later I called them requesting to restart my radio account after finding out I can take a pro licensing account with ATH. They gave me no grief, and welcomed me back with open arms.


I have dropped over 25 support tickets and must of requested/called for live help over 50 times in the last 3 months, and every time I had a response. LATEST it ever took me for a trouble ticket to get answered was 2 hours.


and I have been in the wrong many times and gave un-needed hell to them, and they always came through regardless. Even when I jumped the gun accusing them of not understanding their product support, they corrected me without giving me load of the medicine I deserved. Yes, I have even made the mistake of calling the off going techs I had the number to at 3 in the morning their time with unnecessary questions. All I can say about that is I didn't have the phone hung up on me, that's how far these guys support goes. I consider them one of the most resourceful tools in my radio toolbox. They have even offered to jump in and help me with radio software I wanted, but I opted to do it myself and ask them many un-needed questions to do it the hard way myself.


The iWebFusion Technologies team has been nothing short of outstanding putting up with my headache, and are experts at the WHM products they support. I launched my current domain and connected my station to it within 24 hours thanks to their help.


I cant guarantee much in life, but I promise with all they have put up with from me as a customer, The possibilities are endless for customers that know what they are doing in the internet radio industry.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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hey THFS, I talked with Brutish in a PM the other day and he gasve me the greatest review on you guys' products for SC, and, how inexpensive you guys really are, so do me a favor THFS, and reserve me two servers as I will be buying the SC slots here very soon
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This sounds good.


I need a new VPS for my client sites, very low bandwidth as no streaming etc. I was going to go for a hosting account somewhere but this looks like a good offer.


How long is the coupon code valid for? I will be ordering next week. Also is the price for the life of the account?

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