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BW silly jingle


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Hey nice Vocoder JM! reminds me of the Everett Vocoder stuf a little. I have some Vocoder jingles KE mad for me back in the 70's somewhere, might upload 1 or 2 for people to listen to if interested?

If I have helped you with a Freebie- please be kind enough to add a link from your own site or blog to mine- thanks! http://arthurburton.net


Thank You!

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Aaahaaa I love it !!!

They do remind Me to the Offshore vocoders used by Radio Caroline

I have just been experimenting with Ableton Live 8 and my new Microkorg XL. I thought this would be fun.

Ok, it is awful. Ode to broadcasting world

Enjoy, boo, hiss - whatever. I am a professional (twat). I can take it.:biggrinthumb:

That one of Arthur do remind Me to the all classic ones of Radio England

And another one!!!

Some great Offshore sounds at BW ... Man I like it !

ps : if you wonder why .. I'm one of those die hard fans of those days :P

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Hi Ricardo,

and do you remember the talk box used by Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way ? (Y)

I guess these days it has to be possible to make this also with software

but I'm not sure with what kind of software

Does anybody here have a Talk Box? I really liked when Domenic Troiano used his when he was in The Guess Who.

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I was just thinking about the talk box suggested by Ricardo


A today way of using a similar voice effect is done by T-Pain

Is that right ?

Difference is that T-Pain isn't using this for just 1 specific effect during a part of his track .. but is using it during the "complete" track and makes this way a kind of T-Pain sound

It seems to be possible to make the same effect by using software similar to Cool Edit

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