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My New Player

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Looks cool Fozzy ..

In fact a popup or webplayer don't has to be that special .. a typical media player gives still the best or better results .. so nice job you did

Just as an inquiry to you :

- into

- the same to this section


Notice it ain't needed .. however it learned Me that its gonna respond better to the source file


Ever thought about to make your station logo on a more or less grey background ? The logo (name station) would appear in a better way .. and


Enjoy your weekend !

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Require WMP, so I don't like it ... Flash is better for webplayer, easier to use on every plateform (Windows, Mac, Linux.).




The only problem with Flash is that you generally need to have a Flash Media Server. This is quite pricey, but otherwise I do agree Flash is better.

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Flash players for Shoutcast servers are freely available now: http://www.stationengine.com and http://www.wavestreaming.com/servers/flash-streaming/shoutcast-player.php are two great ones.


This is an idea of what you can do with them too: http://000shout.com/player/

I have seen Firefox crash after listening to this specific flash player for a long period of time, but haven't confirmed if its because of the flash or the PC.

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Is this memory leak still an issue? I have just been testing our new flash player and have run it for at least 48 in


Firefox 3.0.9

Chrome 2.0.174

Internet Explorer 8.0.6001...


Although I closed the IE stream by accident after about 12 hours the rest have been playing for over 48 hours now.


No memory issues yet. Touch wood....


edit: I am using the latest Flash from adobe website

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Is that an old version ?

I have seen some weeks ago the same type of player at a website offered as a free player.

Honestly I forgot the name of that site ... I was just surfing around at that time ..

looks as it is still used by some

Thanks for the update !

Dig through this website, this is one of the first icecast flash players ever made (old website)
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The "minicaster" flash player was one of the first ICECAST flash players.....



The LEAK isnt going to be noticable because a lot of fixes have been made, But find someone that says 100% leak free....


I dare you... The prbolem is there, IF you listen long enough. But advancements have been made, and if you have listeners that roll over the 24 hour mark, your a better man than I...


SO you might as well consider it fixed....




Keep in mind I've only been looking at this stuff 5 months, and all my resources are composed of 14 different forums I visit, Their isnt really a

"history of the internet streamer" book out there....


...BACK on topic, my understanding composes of this player being the first where they started identifying a lot of issues with why flash was having streaming issues.


The reason you still see this player used a lot.... Have you REALLY looked how many services offer flash players for icecast? Its the headache that never ends.

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For those people who understand french: http://www.alsacreations.fr/dewplayer?dewbgcolor=infinit%E9&dewmp3=&dewversion=normal&dewvolume=


One of the most powerfull and simple flash player, for MP3 and Shoutcast radio.



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I'm not a VO but sometimes I give it a try :)

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