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Tokyo Brit.


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I found this little corner of the broadcasting universe after sticking my own name in a search engine in a vain attempt to see what other people are saying about me. Not a lot it seems. But I did get a mention here, so I thought I should join up and say hello.


I'm a full time VO based in Tokyo, Japan which is where I do most of my work. But, I also supply VO to various people around the globe who should know better. I work out of a little studio on the top floor of my house with views of the skyscrapers of Shinjuku on the left and Mt. Fuji on the right. At least those were the views until I blocked up the windows with plasterboard.


Well, it's nice to be here. I'll be off now to have a little poke around and see what people have been talking about.







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Hi Mike,

Welcome to BW !


I'm glad that you are living at the Asian part of this Globe .. BW has some Asian members but they are not really active (James - the owner - told Me once)

My project has daily Asian listeners who are connecting to the stream by using their mobile phone (Wi-Fi 3G) .. Just as an inquiry ... China and Japan are almost every Month into the Top10 of countries who are visiting the website.

Maybe you can take a look to one of my topics at this link :



Please spread the word of BW at Asia .. the BW community is still growing every day ! .. and I'm sure you gonna enjoy it (Y)

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Another legend joins Broadcasting World. Mike, I don't think you need an introduction.


Welcome to Broadcasting World, I think you should be given voiceover professional status on here ASAP.


Best Regards

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Irasshaimase Michael-san, o genki desu-ka? O Broadcasting World chin mikomi temae hitsohii korede!


I lived in Shimoda back in the mid 70's. I envy you! My favorite thing was hiking in the Togakure Mountains. I can live anywhere but in that place...my heart dwells still!


Welcome again to Broadcasting World!



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