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Im In Need For A Stream Sponsor (Can Any One Help)

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ok so u know i was here about 6 months ago asking for sponsor no one wanted to help but im going to try to see if i can find some help if not im about to pack it in if i cant find any help i got my own server like alot u told me to do cause be4 i had got my own server i was buying slot 500 at a time and was going good till the company hit me with blah blah you are using to much bandwidth and i got hit with a bill from one company for 1.300 not going say no name so they shut me off so now back to the people here told me to get my own server from a data center well i did that been going good for 6 months

( not going say non name of company ) so they hit me today like u are using way to much bandwidth your server we have shut your server off and it is on a shared network at this point im like wait when i signed up with u guys i was going to be on a dedicated line ( well i guess they lied to me ) i told them i have alot listeners i peak out in the day time anywhere from 900 to 1.500 listeners on different days they told me the server will handle no problem ( so back to day ) now they tell me that my server was shut off and they told me that if i where to buy another server so that all my bandwidth is not all on one server and they now telling me to turn me back on they want 2 months on each server this money i don't have


im really at the point to just pack this radio station shit in and just say forget it but ive invested 8 years in this so what im looking for is some one to sponsor me for a month or two till i can save up some money to get another server somewhere or if some one can give me a good deal after a month or two i would hate to just give everything up im listed on i tunes wma and real radio and would hate to lose my listings cause im off the air right now till i can find something im in need of like 1.500 slots i just dont know what to do anymore i might just have sell my station if i cant find a sponcer



so if there is any one that can help i also willing to give advertzing space on both my sites please pm me or hit me on aol or emails


aim & aol name dirtysouthradio

email dsroinfo@yahoo.com

web sites



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It's shocking the amount of stream hosts and server providers that state "unlimited bandwidth" when there is no such thing. On a 100Mbps port to yourself you would get approx 33000GB a month, push past that (as it seems you do) and you get problems. How I see it is you have 3 options, 1. You pay thousands of dollars for much more bandwidth, 2. You restrict your listener limit to within your bandwidth allowance (that's what I have done). 3. You just give it up (not a good option I know) Good luck with whatever happens. (Y)
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1. You pay thousands of dollars for much more bandwidth, thats money i dont even have ive spent over 100.000 in 8 years 2. You restrict your listener limit to within your bandwidth allowance (that's what I have done)

whats the point of promoting buliding a brand to limit your self 3. You just give it up (not a good option I know) this probley going to be the best option for me if i cant find a sponcer

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I know a couple of host that could help you.



Just out of curiosity, how much are you looking to throw down on slots, and what bandwidth do you stream at.



Their are TONS of solutions you could be using here. Just depends on how you want to do business.



i stream at 128 im trying to find a sponcer

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I think as webcasters WE all are in search for sponsors, however lots are just interested into the return of their efforts as sponsor and still think that the least financial input looks huge to a streaming project ..


Please don't hate Me for this reply .. but I guess a project can become to big .. and yes its a shame to say that .. but fact is that when a project is receiving that much hits on the stream as owner you have to search for affiliated compagnies before it becomes to big

Don't you have into your neighbourhood or friends somebody who's running a datacenter ?

Maybe you can drop by and ask them if they are interested in the making of a collab ?

It looks to Me also that the making of 5 times a 200 slots stream can work out to you .. this way you can get also 1000 listeners ... and if a stream is full they can connect to a second, 3rd etc source

Afterall a listener isn't paying for listening to webradio ...

Or you can offer 3 times a free 200 slots + 2 times a paid access of 200 slots

If your listeners are real fans to your project they gonna take the effort to pay a Monthly / Annual contribution ...

its just an idea of Me ... but it can work out if your project is that popular


It looks to Me that you are in a kind of a panic situation ... Panic is the worst friend in achieving a goal.

Good luck and I hope you can find some help in solving your problem

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Their is a cheaper way to run business too...


Find a host that has WOWZA on their server. It makes flash players capable of running ACC+ streams.


so running a 32kbps AAC+ stream will sound better than 128kbps. PLUS everyone can use adobe flash, so flash player would seem like a usable solution to your problem.


1/4 use of the bandwidth your using now.


If you don't want to go through a host for it, it cost $995 for the program individually.



I agree with Philippe whole hearted on this.


If you really want to know why you are going to have trouble finding a "streaming sponsor", PM me. I'll break it down. I guarentee it wouldnt happen though.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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