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Party In The Park

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Does anyone in the UK remember when Party In the Park existed? Local GCap / GWR stations would have a day where big named artists would come down and play to the local community?


It's a shame they don't do this anymore, but I am interested to see if anything similar happens around the world? The only one that is taking place in the UK on a "Party In The Park" scale, is Capital 95.8's Summer Ball..., I was going to go with my friend, but when we found out the prices..., well, we decided not too.


£45 - £70!!!


Not Party in the Park prices, they were free, until a certain time.


Discuss :)

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Sounds similar to street sceene, San Diego.


At one point in time this was practical.Very fun to attend, and with intentions of crowd entertainment/local band discovery


HOWEVER, it was eventually ruined (it was a matter of time) when:



A) You hold it in a downtown tourist area.


B) You confine an area with only two exits that has tons of bars and trouble.



For all my Austrailian friends, imagine this....


You took Darwin, Autraila. You put up barricades ALL OVER that town so one solid strait block was accessable. Pay $40 USD to enter. No in and out's allowed, so once your in, your in.


Once you fight your way in because the area is WAAAAAY overcrowded, You are looking at a couple of mainstream bands on stages in the streets, and a bunch of WAAAAAY overcrowded bars selling beer at 3 times the regular price (last one I went to, I was charged $15 for a 1/2 pint of beer. First time I was thrown out of a bar in the US)


For someone young, this might be fun. But to a guy like me remembering the past street sceenes, this was just a dissapointment.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Hi Ian,

Something similar excists at my city (Roeselare - Belgium)

its known as "Park Concert" and is made every Tuesday from 8pm - 11pm during the Summer (July - August)

Its organized by the City councel and is free to everyone

Every evening has 1 artist and they shedule each week an other kind of genre .. so week 1 can be an artist / group into the World genre, the other week it can be an artist / group who has at that time a spot into the charts etc etc

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