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Never Been To New York City! Going May 8th!

Blazin 97

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I am embarrased to admit that I have never been to New York City!


I am SO excited, as I just found out that I am going May 8th!


I am currently in school for Graphic Design and a select 20 were going... and I was one!


I know there are a few New Yorkers on the forum, do you guys reccomend anything for the trip?

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Well .. I also never have been at NY .. so you are not the only one :)

I do know that somewhere at New York there is a very good Belgian pub / café

So check that out !


to my knowledge this has to be the address :

BXL Belgian Cafe

125 W 43rd St

(between Avenue Of The Americas & Broadway)

New York, NY 10036

(212) 768-0200

so if you're dropping by say them HI from a Belgian you met at BW :)

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Well, you're in for a treat. Where and for how long?

What are you looking for?

What are you hoping to avoid?


Wear good shoes for pounding the pavement.

If you are shopping for pro audio gear, hit B+H Photo, or Sam Ash Music. If you are museum hopping, check out the Museum Of Modern Art or the Museum Of Natural History. For something more topical, there's also the Paley Center For Media (formerly Museum Of Radio And Television).


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Don't go jogging in Central Park at midnight !!


Agreed :D


Basically, remember that people can be rude there, so don't be offended if you get pushed in a crowd as it happens a lot. Also, look at prices on menus before you enter the restaurant and order a meal as you might be really surprised how much a place can charge for a simple sandwich when they have to pay thousands of dollars in rent for a shack...


That should help :)

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I'm sure you'll have a great time.


I was in NYC way back when I was on a high school trip. I went to Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall. I was there with the music group and we also had art students on that trip.


Is the club The Bottom Line still open? Lately I've been coming across live recordings online that were recorded there.

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