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Pre recorded or live?

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well firstly i think it depends on the station and the person, if it was a talk station then live would be better so people can email the studio in real time, but if it was a hit music show on a hit music station and the dj doesn't want to guard and listen to the show all day, then live would be the best option.


my station uses pre recorded, it suits it very much and i cant be bothered or have the resources to stream a live show at the moment.


whats your station use? :?:

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From Monday - Thursday I use a pre-recorded show for streaming, but on fridays I begin a 8 hour show live. Then Saturday I do only a 3 hour live set (I do enjoy going out on weekends) And then on Sundays if I am not too hung over from the night before I will do a 2-4 hour show, but if i'm hung over I just throw on a pre-recorded show.
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i stream live but have a very small operation


for the most part i get on the mic to talk to friends but it is commercial free


its mostly about friends being able to listen to music using the live request line


i rigged the request so its first in last our (ie your request goes to the top of the queue)


so as far as genre i have every thing from enrico caruso to the dead kennedy's lol


free speech free music rock on




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