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Beatles on Ed Sullivan DVDs


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Has anybody here watched the DVDs that have the four entire Ed Sullivan shows with The Beatles appearances?


I've watched them and it was great to see the historic performances, and it's also like going back in time watching the other acts. The comedians would take more time to develop their stories, for example. It seems weird with the post-MTV attention span.


The discs even have the original TV commercials included.

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I ever have seen a clip of The Beatles appearance during that TV set, it was during a documentary about the Fab Four.

I didn't knew that a DVD was ever made of that show. Maybe its not or never distributed in Europe. (not sure)

I agree that it all looks weird, but those days everything was very unknown to the public in general. TV those days was to the public for a part still a magical box ... Those days to take part as live audience during a National Tv set was as they where all "chosen ones" .. but its true that some appearances of several artists made history .. and still are even today

These days, for reason of formats etc etc, similar responses of the public would be out of order. The making of Tv show these days is all directed, even the time to laugh, give applause etc

During my past history I was several times invited as guest by people of the business to being part of the public ... before the show is aired, live or recorded, the applause, laughs etc are all pre-recorded.

I think at most of the countries this is the common way to make shows with a live audience ...

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