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Need to pick all your brains for slogan/branding ideas.


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So while I am far from a human radio station, I could certainly use some input on working out a slogan for voice over marketing purposes, branding, etc. Here is my story:


Point A)

My entire life, I have had to correct the spelling of my name on mailings, venue signs, checks, schools, jobs from Weldon to WELDEN. Now in the information age, spelling is paramount, where an incorrect keystroke is the equivalent of a wrong turn while driving.


Point B)

On the playground the wittiest phrase my childhood friends/enemies could come up with was "How do you like your steak?...well done? (insert inane, mocking laughter)"


Decades later I am considering turning this to my advantage. Can I nail two birds with one stone? What would an ad agency come up with?

Can it be simple, memorable and witty? How would you tweak or alter my concept?

"Hire Carl Welden for a job well done"

"A Welden voice is a voice well done"

"Well done? Welden!"

"Carl Welden productions are well done productions"

"If it's not well done...."

"Carl Welden...this guy is just awesome"


Scratch that last one, or maybe all of them!

I have over analyzed the prospect too much already, so I am asking for your help. If your name was mine, how would you pitch yourself to potential voice seekers? I'm looking for any ideas at all. They don't even have to remotely resemble my original concept (heck, I might like it more).


Your thoughts anyone?????????


Thank you in advance my friends.


-Carl (there's no letter "o" in my name) Welden

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Well Carl .. I'm gonna go completly off topic with my answers ..

but maybe into the details you gonna find some ideas .. lets call it brainstorming


In Belgium there's a city called WELDEN


its a village / community of about 1000 people located into the province East-Flanders (Oost Vlaanderen - Belgium). There are no specific details about the name before the 12th century however at 1110 AC a notice was made about a furnace bridge of Wenlines. The origin of the name is however known as "The Place of Residence of Wandilo" (details see link)


Some details who can be found at GeneaNet :


and some details about relatives of WELDEN who can be found at Geneanet :


Scroll in between the search results and you gonna see that not that many are still located at Belgium but many has moved to the UK and USA and even some at Germany


As I quoted on top .. this is part of some brainstorming

however a compagny name "WANDILO" can sounds great .. and reflecting to the 12th century "Wenlines" .. this could work out very well as following :


- Wandilo Productions when lines has to become well done liners

- Carl Welden voice-over at Wandilo Productions makes your liners sounds this good

- Well done liners by Carl Welden - choose Wandilo Productions for a job well done

etc etc etc


Hope this helps :) .. afterall it can be a good name to being used as compagny name ... Wandilo sounds pretty cool :biggrinthumb:

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Well Carl .. I'm gonna go completly off topic with my answers .. but maybe into the details you gonna find some ideas .. lets call it brainstorming

Thanks for brainstorming out of the box Philippe.

Reps added for your effort.

While we're off topic:

As it happens, my family line comes from the town of Welden in the Augsburg district of Bavaria, Germany going back to the year 980, and before that originates from old Teutonic 'waeld' (of the forest) Thanks for the effort, but unfortunately, my genealogy is not what I'm trying to market.


I'm trying to sell me, which is always a tough sell.

How would you improve rather than approve my examples? Variations, alternitaves, etc.

Keep the suggestions coming folks!

I'll hand out Reps like candy for your creativity.


"Welden Auto Parts and Steel Fabrication" Oh, wait, I am not a welder, nor do I work on cars, but it's funny.


P.S.- Just for the heck of it, check out my character demo for context: carlwelden.com or MySpace profile.

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Branding is an art and a science. If you want to put them together you usually get a winning combination. There is the rhyme angle .. there's the search engine angle and there's I want to work (pro) angle. You have to combine everything and come up with something that works for all, or focus on a single angle. I'm no pro but here you go (rhyme) ..


For the best talent online .. Contact Carl Welden anytime!


So you need some imaging .. Let Carl do his thing!


Tired of the same old people with the same old sound?

Use Carl Welden, Watch the listeners come around!



My few cents on examples .. May sound stupid, but often works.

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Here's some, may sound goofy but it's worth a shot...


How do you like YOUR voiceover? Just say Carl...Welden! (welldone)

Carl Welden, the compliment to any voiceover

Rare, medium, or Carl....Welden!


It's worth a try.

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You folks are all so great!

The gears are slowly turning and I am thinking in a few different directions. Ultimately, I will make a list and test them out on some random media professionals to see what catches their attention.

I have no deadline, so I plan on putting a great deal of thought into this before I go and order business cards, etc....plus, I'm still using up my old ones.

Reps added for reply #'s 6,7 and 8. Thanks.

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