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I've never asked for a free anything, so bare with me, I expect nuthin for nuthin. I'd like a jingle, not to be confused with a sweeper, for my station. A jingle is normally a short tune that expresses your station. I play classic rock primarily. I would like something that fits that. I'm a return customer for several voiceover talents. I just want to test the waters so no gurantees that I'll purchase. If I don't like it, nope. No disrespect, I know what my audience expects. If you do voiceovers and want to make a jingle, sweeper, etc. for my station great. I will pay for what I use by more purchases. I suggest you listen to my station, RadioNC Onlne (google) then offer your productions.


Thanks for your time.

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Still I was looking for a go at it without spending money. Competition makes the world go round. I maybe reserved about what I pay for but I didn't even get 1 try on my request, nor an offer. It's all good, but the economy is bad... you may want to consider reaching out if you want the biz.. just a thought.
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I wanna make a reply to your latest answer

You look dissapointed and not satisfied ... however I guess several VO who have visited your request had the idea that you would check out the BW Marketplace (your reply made 05.05.2009)

I guess for that reason untill now nobody made any contribution

Still I was looking for a go at it without spending money.

You posted into the free VO section .. so maybe you can make it the VO-members a little more easy by providing some short details

For example :

Liner 1 : .........

Liner 2 : .......

and if you wanna receive a produced cut of one of them .. tell them what style of musicbed or SFX you wanna hear


I guess thats the best and easiest way to "get" some replies

If you take a look into the free VO section everybody is receiving "lots" of replies on 1 or more liners

so .. provide a specific content ...

You can't ask that every VO is checking your station format to have an idea of how to make a liner to your project. (so far they are made for free)


I really hope that you gonna receive many replies .. afterall your project "Amber Radio" is an unique project and is known also by Me .. even I'm from Belgium

So stay positive and good luck !

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I must have overlooked this post, sorry!! Well, my response to this is also in agreement with the above statements made by GKREurope, but I'd like to offer my service. I'm not sure if I have a suitable demo on my site but you can feel free to check it out: http://www.BlueStoneGuys.com



Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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Sorry for the slow reply.. I stay so busy my time just disappears. Here's what I'm looking for.. I'm opening up my station community site with a new domain. It will include all internet music folks. I'm including the internet stations, the vo folks and labels/artists/bands and internet services (providers like sc servers). I need a jingle that can work on all stations be it country, rock, metal and so on. It's a challenge for any vo artist. In return you can get a banner on the site (I don't do free, I barter) I'm doing this on a shoe string budget, but it is meant to benefit everyone. I can send a script to anyone that's interested. Although the name implies rock, it is for all genres.
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