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Anyone licensing direct through BMI, ASCAP?

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Currently a LoudCity user but thinking about licensing direct. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who is licensing directly as I am a bit confused about some terms used in the calculation of fees.


(I'd also be interested in hearing about your experience in terms of filing and reporting.)


Back to the question, specifically ASCAP's service session and music session. BMI uses page impressions which makes a bit more sense to me but wondering how service session and music session could be translated to TLH?


Thanks all!

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whats a good "magic number" ATH wise monthly?



A friend of mine was getting about 30k ATH a month and was considering this.


I did a little math based on the ASCAP licensing, and you'd need around ~300,000 TLH/month to start going over their minimum yearly license ($340/"interactive service"). That's at a rate of $0.0009 per "Service Session" (almost the same as one listening hour).

And this is pretty close to BMI and SESAC, not sure about SoundExchange.


Here's some fun reading: http://www.ascap.com/weblicense/reports/pdfs/InteractiveLicenseAgreement_R2_1.pdf

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I know this is an old post, but would like to clarify that last post. Internet radio stations are considered a "non-interactive" license. The interactive license is for services which allow the user to pick their playlist directly.


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