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Feeling So Blessed Today

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A little about the rocky road to Phoenix Web Radio's state of mind.


I launched my first station about 18 months ago, and had I known how the economy was gonna become just a drain shortly afterwards, I may have reconsidered my passion.


That being said, after a long and rough 18 monthes Totally 80's has reached consistant and sustainable numbers in the area of 700-800 hours a day, 400 plus weekends, and peak listeners of around 80.


Back in February, in time for Valentine's Day, I launched a second station in part because I was one of the fortunate winners of the Spacial Audio radio bailout package and had a second SAM license to use.


So using some of the lessons learned from Totally 80's I went about putting my second station on the air, but would never have predicted the results.


In three short months, Ambiance, raw as it is, is surpassing the numbers of my flagship station.


Last night, I saw that I was maxxing my 25 slots on LoudCity, so I increased to 50 and woke up this morning to see I was maxxing them. Biting the bullet and not wanting to turn anyone away, I thought to myself, surely I'll never max out 100 slots, Totally 80's has never come close. I'll be safe, so let's bump the slots one more time. Less than an hour later the numbers spiked to 96 listeners.


Mind you, this station doesn't even have it's imaging back yet, no promos, the website is still under contruction and it's not even on iTunes like Totally 80's, yet it's surpassing all numbers in the history of my webcasting career.


So, aside from the slots, if you choose the right mix of music, it seems you can attract the masses with little else, but Ambiance will be getting enhanced over the next few weeks.


I may still be looking for a female imager (and I do pay for liners, though I do expect to here a voice demo of some sort for free, even if it's a weblink) my first choice may not be available on my timetable.


I am just so stunned and grateful that things are so much easier the second time around




School Of Hard Knocks

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Congrats Aaron,

I guess one of the main reasons that people are that addicted is that you currently "don't" play yet any IDs ... So nonstop is to many people still the style

I'm sure this gives you the kick of your life .. but notice don't go "to" big with your slots ... its better that your stream is full .. even others are knocking on the stream-door .. that way you gonna be able to gather the die hard fans at your stream ..

and maybe it can be a SUPERB idea to make your IDs as a kind of voice-tracks in between the played tracks

This gonna give to the current listeners the same feeling as listening to nonstop-only music

Keep Us posted

ps : make a small signature with a link to your projects .. thats easier to check out your stations

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Thanks for your comments and feedback. My liners are Ambiance are planned already very much as you suggested. Very soft, short and sebsual by a wonderful female voice talen that will segue in between songs about every third song or so. Not a lot to cause overkill, but enough to capture the spirit and let people know who Ambiance is, and I agree. No more slots are available for Ambiance, simply because I can't afford them but I think it will cause some excitement among others wondering why they can't get on and why there's never any open slots when they wanna listen. I still am in awe. My LoudCity brothers in here know how much of a rollercoaster my first station was and this one seems to be making up for it. I need to spend some time this weekend getting the website up in shape and I just came home from a jazz festival so I'll have some station photos to add on there, so I can start announcing the station website on the air. So much to do, and I thought I'd have so much time to accomplish it before the station caught on. WRONG!!!


Good night all!

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