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NIN releases its CD FREE!

Brutish Sailor

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This is said POINT BLANK on the download page.





we encourage you to

remix it

share it with your friends,

post it on your blog,

play it on your podcast,

give it to strangers,



Being that they are not selling it in stores? You know its not going to be on AM/FM/Terrestrial's playlist, so lets get the word out that NIN isnt gone for all you industrial/rock stations.



not to mention they also released it in optional 96khz/24 bit FLAC. Sounds GREAT when transcoded, but you will need the FLAC plug-in for winamp.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Awesome, I heard something about this but never fully investigated. Thanks for the info and link Brutish Sailor. Listening to it now, but no, it doesn't seem to be the greatest NIN stuff. I like some of their older stuff better like Closer, although apparantly there was some legal stuff about stealing the song.
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This was Trents Most brilliant move, and I will tell you why.


Most artist make nothing (I know I have beat this dead horse, but lets flog it once more) off of music royalties. Some actually owe the record label before its all said and done.


Why the Downward spiral was great, the offspring remixes WERE FANTASTIC. Then the label shut them all down.


So, give the fans who think they can do a better mix a Creative commons remixing license, and you get songs that are better than the original, by NIN. Word gets out about them, and what needs to be promoted (which is important) is the tour.


Very awesome move. A good enough remix hits the EMO (I am a big fan of that coined term) bars and the word of NIN is still promoted to a new generation.


So all and all, He really loses nothing, and the fans benefit TREMENDOUSLY.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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