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Hullo Campers!


This is too good NOT to share with you all!


Apparently I'm better at Character Voices than I thought. The Character demo I have posted on Voice123, Voice Over Universe and elsewhere is 100% me, all me, no one but me. But according to Voice123 it's not! This is what I received in my email this afternoon...


Hello! As part of our Quality Assurance efforts, we came across your demo "Characters", but regretfully it was removed to because it fully represents a talent other than yourself.


Please make sure that all demos on your page showcase your talent, not those of another talent. We understand that demos can have two or more voices, but the removed demo was not you.


If you know of a fellow talent who wishes to join Voice123 as a Premium or Standard subscriber, please visit our Live Chat for Talents, available Mon.-Fri., 9-6pm EST. or email help@voice123.com.



The Voice123 Team

Voice123 - The voice over marketplace

Toll Free from the US: 1.877.ASK.VOICE

New York & International: (+1) 212-461-1873





I wrote them back to let them know that they are all me...nothing but me...100% me! Mind you I've been on Voice123 since early 2008!


Wow if I can fool the "So-called" experts...I must be alot better than I thought or their QC people are alot worse than anyone thought! lol! You know i'm going to milk this for all I can! lol!





Check it for yourself! This is the file i've been posting!

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I even heard my voice !! Copyright !!

LOL :)

I'm only joking ... pardon Me :)


Well if those people at voice123 are not impressed about your talent .. I would suggest you to send your demo to Lucas Productions or to Universal ...

The reply you've got from Voice123 is for sure the best "promotion" to your work you ever had ... isn't

I'm not that familiar to voice123 .. however visited once in a while .. and not that many character demo's or that good as yours


but thats part of human nature .. someone who is toooo good is rejected .. others of 13 into 1 dozen are accepted as superb

I would really suggest you to send this demo to an important agency who works for movie compagnies .. I'm sure you gonna receive replies .. because during listening .. at any time possible there is in between a voice who is usefull to people who are in the movie biss .. such as the animated movie biss


I wish you good luck and .. keep Us posted .. Its most interesting to read all those things who can happen if someone is "to good"


ps : maybe a good idea to get in touch with voice123 by making to their offices some phonecalls .. lets say 5 in a row ... you speak each time with a different voice and you are asking 5 similar questions about a specific subject

After the fifth call you call them again with "your own" voice and you ask the "same" question once again ... If they give you an answer into a normal way each time that you are calling .. tell them that the first 5 calls where also made by you ...

Maybe at that moment they gonna believe what you are doing into your demo

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