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Cross Fader or Channel Levels?


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Ello ppl,


Just a general query of mine how many of you when mixing use the cross fader and how many just use the channel levels with the fader in the middle?


when responding include your type of music you mix as it will be interesting to find out weather that makes a difference.


Personally i use the channel levels only with the fader in the middle and i mix all types of house music (mainly funky)

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Hey there,


To be honest I think we may be one of the few broadcasters on BW who do live mixing with either vinyls or cds (or traktor, serato etc etc)


When I started mixing a few years ago i started on the crossfader as 'thats what its there for' but my first mixer then started leaking out of one side of the crossfader so i started using the levels, 2 or 3 mixers later I have never gone back. Its really down to personal preference I think, it may also be more suited to use the crossfader for particular genres more than others.


The view you should take is if people like what they hear then its right for you. If everyone mixed the same then wouldnt life be boring. I mix Drum and Bass, or Breakbeat and especially in DnB there are a million and one other DnB DJs out there so anything you can do to either be different or better gives you that little more chance to get noticed



MX (Malcs)


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