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Podcast directories and advertising tricks!

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With podcast directories these days, you would have to have a pretty good topic to actually get people subscribing to your podcast, i mean.. all podcast directories have at lease 2000 pods in one category! thats alot of odds for one person to find your podcast.. my suggestions...


-Give a descriptive title and description!

dont give a short and sweet one or "a good podcast about dogs".. get it long and with as many things to do with your cast so if people search for something in your description, they will most likely subscribe to you :)


-Provide a website!

ALWAYS provide a website when submitting to a directory, and on your website.. put as much content as possible! Even add transcripts! so people can read up on old podcasts!


-Add your cast to as much directories as possible!

getting your name out there will build a reputation!


Hope you guys read up on this! :thumbup:

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