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Pro Voiceover Needed - Urgently -


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Hello can you please make me 2 voiceovers ? :)


Your listening to the sounds of DJ Tom Grimshaw (echo at end)


Its MC lynchy and Tom G 2009 ( 1 or 2 effects please )


Cheers +rep to whoever duz em thank you soo much :boonie:

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grimmy, I would highly advise you that before you ask things of the VO community, you take some time to give feedback and comment in some of the topics. Its not to say you would just pop in here to ask for something free and be gone, but it has happened before.


Make some friends at BW, and then try to request some samples.

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First of all - sorry for this reply .. but maybe I have an off-day myself .. and I'm getting tired of people who are busy busy busy .. but they don't think before they act.

1 ) Asking for a free voice-over isn't a command

2 ) A free voice-over is in general a DRY liner version made by one of the VO members

3 ) If you need special effects, and if you have any luck, somebody like Myself gonna drop by to add all effects you need ..

anyway the editing of echo can be done very easily by yourself with basic software .. its piece of cake

4 ) At BW We don't live from the +reps, and don't have -reps

BW and his members are just asking in return some gratitude to what is done and if possible (if a member is using paypal) to donate something

Writing "that you gonna give +reps to all" works maybe at other places .. but We don't believe anymore in promises. We all heard it before .. already years ago at that "other" place

Increasing and adding a "Reputation" at BW is used to say to a member "Thanks" as a token of respect .. but can also being used to give that member a shout out because he / she made a contribution, reply or other who looks great during the reading of it.

Hello can you please make me 2 voiceovers ?

- (echo at end)

- ( 1 or 2 effects please )

Cheers +rep to whoever duz em thank you soo much

Being in a rush and dropping by in a hurry is never ok

always take your time and think before you act ..

If you are able to do that at BW you gonna be able to take advantage of all things who are offered

Sorry guys i got ahead of myself

If you are a broadcaster yourself - or somebody who's into radio, media etc - you gonna see by looking around that BW is "more" than free VOs ..

its a place all about broadcasting, from articles, topic contributions untill complete produced cuts ...

And most important "all of that" is offered to Us FREE, no payments are asked because you are or getting a member.

James - the owner - is a one of a kind that you don't gonna find so often, he is doing a hell of a job, he is always polite even some content can be understood as "against" him

I'm pretty sure you don't gonna find that easy a similar broadcasting forum who is operational in such a way. No member have met an other member into the real life, however at BW We are trying to stay friends .. by yes indead .. showing some gratitude to eachother ..

Nobody is and nobody gonna be ever perfect .. BW is just trying to offer to everyone the best of both worlds.

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I'd like to add my 2 cents here as well...Broadcasting World is a great community for all types of broadcasters, whether you be a hobbyist or commercial station. There are alot of great resources, which is what separates us from those other "broadcasting" forums. That is why I don't post hardly anything on the other forums, as the requesters are literally giving commands, asking for $50 worth of voice overs and whatnot. I am more than happy to contribute my service for free, on ocassion, only to market my voice. :)


Welcome to BW and I hope you find the site useful.



Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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i dont hardly post cause i am busy


WE are ALL Busy, but not THAT BUSY!

What a duff excuse!

And the vo person might be too busy to do your voiceover too.......


Very true. I work from 5AM-5PM Eastern Time, then teach karate classes 530PM-930PM Monday-Thursday. I still find time to try and help out here at BW. I live a very busy life and I understand what you mean by you being busy (I almost am never home, and when I am, I'm still working...or sleeping lol.)


Be patient, and you do need to contribute more before people will even reply. We are not trying to push you away, but instead are trying to make BW a better place by getting it to where you do something for everyone, and someone will do something in return.


A quick note, if you specifically are asking for a voice over artist, we take that as you would like to pay for the services (since the artist would have to specifically voice your work). If this is not what you are wanting (to pay for it), I wouldn't ask an artist directly, but make it open to everyone, and maybe the artist you would like to do it may do it for free, or a very little charge.

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Sorry man, I'm away from the studio this weekend. Usually I would have jumped in and did this. I dont return till tomorrow but looks like someone has taken care of it for you :)



Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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