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mic stand

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http://www.bswusa.com is the best source for items like that. Here is their selection of mic booms: http://www.bswusa.com/searchresult.asp?searchType=category&subcat=mics-booms


I picked up the OC White brand one for around $100, and it works as expected. If you want perfect balance and no spring sounds, you'l lstart paying more, but since I don't move the mic when I'm on air, the cheap one works great for me.

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Very cheap for a studio, and yes, Im proud to admit I am a Tin Can Broadcaster. Pride in best bang for my buck and jerry rigging experience.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Those mic arms that people suggest in the previous posts, are great, beautiful, look very proffetional ... but they are a bit expensive for people who run a webradio as a hobby.


What we did?

We bought a desk lamp from IKEA (the one with the 2 metal arms and coils, that you can move around), it cost less than 7 euros. We took out the lamp, and screwd the mic there. PERFECT !


I have a foto somewhere, if I find it today I will post it later.


For the 3 months that we are using it, it doesn't make noise when you move it, even when you are onair.

Also, the mic we have screwd to it, is a AT2020 (condenser mic, I think around 450gr weight).



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I couldn't find the foto, so I took a frame from a video (my daughter is pretending that she is having a live show).

It is not the best foto, but I am uploading it in order to show you at least half of the IKEA lamp, and also to show you that it is possible to do it, very easily - if I could attache the mic to the arm, anybody can do it, believe me.

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I use the Q-Mic in the RadioKick Studio, and im in love. It broke once (used too much), but I was able to fix it with a misc. screw.


The cable built in is a nice feature, and is great quality.




Marty's a great guy to deal with, and if you're an ebayer, he sells them there!




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