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My homepage complete MAKE OVER


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Hi All,


Some of you know Me because I contribute to this forum

Some know also that I run my own internetradio


But I have also a history into media .. and some of these details can be found at my own homepage.

It contains both text and pictures about myself from birth untill Today


So if you wanna discover something more about Me .. check my homepage .. after a Year of nearly no updates .. I made the past weekend a complete Make Over ...

Check also the tabs where you can find the flash MP3 players :)

I hope you gonna enjoy the results :



Feedback is welcome at the guestbook .. You're welcome (Y)


Please notice : As Belgian the basic language is Dutch, but by using the tab "Home English" you can read some explanation about the content in English

However most of the pages have both a Dutch and English text to guide you about the content of a specific page

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Thanks for the feedback ..

but what means "little fyi..." ?

Just a little fyi.. Although the banners are there if I try to open a new window... don't work. Kinda of pointless having a baner that goes nowhere.

About the banners ... there are not that much banners - only 3 with a redirectlink and at the "Event..." page I used thumbnails who have all a redirect who's working

Sounds strange to Me .. but anyway thanks for the feedback :doh:

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