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Commercial Trailer VoiceOver Requested

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Alrighty guys,


I'm needing a little help here. My station is putting together a commercial to be aired on television here in our local area as well as on some online tv streams. Copy has been a pain to think about, but I think I've finally gotten it figured out, so here goes nothing:





Are you tired of commercial radio, not playing your requests and dedications in a timely manner. Do you want to hear new country as well as the all time favorites? Wanna hear something like this...


(this is where the music will start that I have in the video)


Or maybe even something like this.


(music will re-fill after that line as well)


Well, then go to the website on your screen today and check out your new home for the best of the new and the greatest of the old. HIGHWAY 40 COUNTRY DOT COM.




This script needs to be read dry, and needs to be 100% American accent. Male voices for the first and last lines and a male or female voice for the middle line.


If you guys could help me out with this, not only would you get reps, but I will also post the finished copy here on BW....probably as the first internet station to use TV as a medium to promote themselves!!!!!!


Again, thanks for your time, and I appreciate all I can get from you guys and gals.



Wayne Owens

Highway 40 Country

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Hey Guys


Check It Out!!!! The First Ever TV Commercial For An Internet Radio Station to my knowledge....again thanks to RRM for his help (btw rep will be coming so don't worry there bud). But I just wanted everyone to see it first and let me know what you guys think.


This was made with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 and Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9.0b

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